mac support essentials 10.7 chapter 1

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  2. "What are the minimum hardware requirements for upgrading a system to OS X Lion?"
    "• A Mac with an Intel Core 2 Duo
  3. "What seven preparation steps must you take before upgrading a system to Lion?"
    "• plug portable Macs into main power"
  4. "How can you identify whether a Mac requires a firmware update?"
    "You can identify a Mac firmware version by opening the full system report in the System Information application. You can verify whether a Mac firmware is up to date by visiting Apple's support website to see a list of available firmware updates."
  5. "What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a single partition drive with Mac OS X? What about a multiple partition drive?"
    "Single-partition drives are easier to set up initially
  6. "What utilities are available when a Mac starts up from Lion Recovery?"
    "The Lion Recovery system provides access to Restore System From Time Machine Backup
  7. "Where can you locate the system version number
    build number
  8. "How do the four default System Preferences categories differ?"
  9. "How do you ensure that you have the latest Apple software?"
    "The Software Update application uses the Internet to check for Apple software updates. You can adjust automatic update settings or manually open the Software Update application from the Software Update preferences."
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