Chap. 6 Vocab

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Chap. 6 Vocab
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한글 단어 Korean Vocab

Chapter 6, 한류 열풍
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  1. 가슴; 가슴 아픈
    heart, mind; heartbreaking
  2. 가풍 중시 
    valuing family tradition
  3. 간접적으로
  4. 갈등
    conflict, complications
  5.  감동 
    influence, impression 
  6. 겪다
    to experience, suffer
  7. 결말 
    conclusion, end
  8. 결합
    union, combination, consolidation
  9. 경로 효친
    respecting elderly people and being filial to parents 
  10. 고민; 고민 없이
    agony, anguish, worry; without agony
  11. 고약하다; 고약한 시어머니
    to be wicked; wicked mother-in-law
  12. 고용인; 고용자
    employee; employer
  13. 고유의; 고유의 풍습
    unique; unique custom 
  14. 공감; 공감이 간다; 공감을 산다
    sympathy; to feel sympathy; to attract sympathy
  15. 관련되다;관련된 사건
    to be related; related event
  16. 구타하다
    to beat (people or animals)
  17. 굴레
    restraint, restriction (lit. bridle or headgear for a horse or ox)
  18. 권선징악
    promoting good and punishing evil 
  19. 그려내다
    to draw out
  20. 기고; 기고하다 
    act of contributing to a newspaper or magazine; to contribute to a newspaper/magazine
  21. 기사
    article (in a newspaper)
  22. 꾸준히
    steadily, constantly, continually
  23. 끌리다
    to be attracted
  24. 끼치다; 영향을 끼치다; 불편을 끼치다; 걱정을 끼치다 
    to exert influence on, to cause, give; to have an affect on a person; to cause a person inconvenience; to cause a person anxiety
  25. 나누다
    to share 
  26. 낭만적; 낭만적인 영화
    romantic; romantic movie
  27. 넘쳐흐르다
    to overflow
  28. 네티즌
  29. 논쟁
    dispute, argument
  30. 다툼; 정치 권력 다툼
    fighting; fighting over political power 
  31. 달래다
    to soothe oneself or one's anger 
  32. 담당자
    person in charge
  33. 당시
    at that time 
  34. 당연히 
    of course, as a matter of fact
  35. 도리; 인간의 도리 
    reason, justice, principles; human principles, morals
  36. 도입하다; 최근에 도입한 설비; 외국으로부터 새 기술을 도입하다
    to introduce, invite, import; recently introduced equipment; to introduce new technology from abroad
  37. 동남아
    Southeast Asia
  38. 동양적; 동양적인 미인 
    Oriental, Eastern; Oriental Beauty
  39. 동화
    children's story, fairy tale
  40. 따르다; 유행을 따르다; 나를 따르라
    to follow; to follow fashion; follow me
  41. 마찬가지; 이거나 그거나 마친가지다.
    same, same kind; this is identical to that.
  42. 머리 염색
    dying hair
  43. 모습; 아름다운 모습
    appearance, character, manne, shape; beautiful appearance 
  44. portion
  45. 몰아넣다
    to drive or push someone into something
  46. 무조건
  47. 미덕; 동양적 미덕
    virtue; Oriental virtue 
  48. 민족적; 민족적 특징
    national, people's; national characteristics 
  49. 방송; 방송하다
    broadcast; to broadcast
  50. 방영되다; 방영하다
    to be broadcast on TV; to broadcast on TV
  51. 배경
  52. 부문
    class, group, department, section, category, branch, line, field
  53. 부작용
    side effect
  54.  문화; 문화저; 문화 요소; 문화적 유사상
    culture; cultural; cultural element; cultural similarity
  55. 부합되다
    to be matched, agreed
  56. 분야
    field, area
  57. 불행하다; 불행; 불행한 일
    to be unhappy; unhappiness; an unhappy event
  58. 비극적이다; 비극; 비극적인 사건
    to be tragic; tragedy; tragic event
  59. 비슷하다; 비슷한 물건
    to be similar; similar thing
  60. 빠져들다
    to fall into
  61. 사건
    event, case
  62. 사실적; 사실적인 그림
    realistic, factual; realistic painting
  63. 사정
    circumstances, the state of things and affairs
  64. 삼각 관계
    triangular relationship (love triangle)
  65. 상영되다
    to be shown on the screen, played (movies)
  66. 상인
    merchant, shopkeeper
  67. 상황; 급한 상황
    situation; urgent situation
  68.  생동적이다; 생동적인 표정; 생동적인 인간 관계
    to be active, dynamic, lively; lively facial expression; dynamic human relations
  69. 생활 방식
  70. 선정되다
    to be chosen, selected
  71. 선진화되다
    to be advanced, modernized
  72. 설문 조사
    questionnaire survey
  73. 성향
    disposition, tendency
  74. 소재
    material, subject matter
  75. 수여하다; 학위를 수여하다
    to give, award; to award a degree
  76. 습관; 늦게 일어나는 습관; 담배 피우는 습관
    habit, custom, manner; habit of getting up late; habit of smoking
  77. 시청자
    TV viewers
  78. 실리다
    to be loaded 
  79. 실연; 실연의 아픔
    failure in love; the pain of being rejected by a lover
  80. 심각하다; 심각한 상태; 심각한 관계 
    to be serious; serious condition; serious relationship
  81. 심도 있게
    deeply, in depth, in detail
  82. 양국 관계
    relationship between two countries
  83. 언론; 언론의 지탄
    media, press; criticism by the press
  84. 에스콰이어
  85. 여전히
    as usual, still
  86. 여주인공
    female protagonist
  87. 연예; 연예인
    entertainment; entertainer
  88. 열광하다
    to go wild with excitement
  89. 열풍
    hot wind
  90. 영향
    influence, effect
  91. 예술; 예술가; 예술적 재능
    art; artist; artistic talent
  92. 외세; 외세의 침입
    foreign powers; invasion by foreign powers
  93. 요소
    essential element, factor, constituent
  94. 왕실; 영국 왕실
    royal household; British royal household
  95. 운명
  96. 위배되다; 위배하다
    to be violated; to breach, violate
  97. 유교적인; 유교
    Confucian; Confucianism
  98. 유사성
    similarity; resemblance
  99. 유행; 유행이다
    fashion, mode, prevailing style; to be popular
  100. 이끌다
    to lead, command
  101. 이어지다
    to be connected, continued
  102. 이유
    reason, cause, motive
  103. 일간
    daily publication
  104. 일과
    daily routine
  105. 일상 생활
    everyday life
  106. 일상적인
    daily, usual
  107. 일으키다
    to cause, raise, give rise to
  108. 일치하다
    to match, agree, fit
  109. 자리잡다
    to take one's seat or position, occupy, locate
  110. 자립적(인)
    independent, self-reliant, self-supporting
  111. 자살하다
    to commit suicide
  112. 작위
    title, peerage
  113. 장면
    scene, spot
  114. 장문
    essay, composition
  115. 장유유서
    there is an order between the young and the old
  116. 장점
    strong point
  117. 저명하다
    to be famous
  118. 적지 않은
    many, not a little
  119. 전세계
    the whole world
  120. 전통; 전통적인 사회
    tradition; traditional society
  121. compassionate, sentiment
  122. 정부
  123. 정서; 국민들의 정서
    emotion, feeling; people's feelings 
  124. 제시하다
    to show, present
  125. 제작
    production, manufacture
  126. 주간지
    weekly magazine
  127. 주도; 주도하다
    leading; to lead an event or group
  128. 주역
    leading player, leader
  129. 주요 도시
    major cities
  130. 주의 깊게
    attentively, cautiously
  131. 주장하다
    to maintain, insist
  132. 지지
  133. 지탄
    criticism, blame
  134. 지향
    intention, aim, inclination
  135. 진수
    essence, spirit, gist
  136. 진원지
    original source
  137. 진하게; 진하다
    deeply, strongly, thickly; to be dark, strong, thick
  138. 질투
  139. 집착; 집착하다
    attachment, adherence, persistence; to get hung up on
  140. 차지하다
    to take up, obtain, make one's own
  141. 처신
    behavior, actions
  142. 청소년
  143. 총각
  144. 최근
  145. 추진하다
    to promote, pursue
  146. 출세
    rising in the world, making one's way
  147. 충고
    advice, caution, warning
  148. 특색
  149. 패싸움
    gang fight
  150. piece (counter for movies)
  151. 편안하다; 편안한 마음
    to be comfortable; peace of mind
  152. 평범한
    common, ordinary
  153. 폭력물
    violent matters (in movies)
  154. 표연되다
    to be expressed
  155. 풀이되다
    to be interpreted
  156. 풍경
  157. 필연적이다; 필연적인
    to be necessary, inevitable; necessary
  158. 한가하다
    to be leisurely
  159. 한류
    the Korean wave
  160. 해결
    solving a problem
  161. 해방
    emancipation, liberation
  162. 현실적
    realistic, practical
  163. 흡인력
    attractive power

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