anatomy packet 1

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  1. forebrain
    cerebrum plus diencephalon
  2. vermis
    connects two cerebellar hemispheres
  3. falx cerbri
    cranial dura septa
  4. tentorium cerebelli
    cranial dura septa
  5. falx cerebelli
    cranial dura septa
  6. diaphragma sella
    cranial dura septa
  7. association fibers
    white matter
  8. commissural fibers
    white matter
  9. projection fibers
    white matter
  10. in precentral gyrus directs coluntary movements.  voluntary contracction of skeletal muscle
    primary motor cortex
  11. somatic motor area
    aka primary motor cortex
  12. in postcentral gyrus. 
    recieves somatic sensory info
    touch, pressure, pain, taste, temperature
    primary sensory cortex
  13. in occipital lobe
    recieves info from eyes, sees image but cannot reconize what it is
    Primary Visual COrtex
  14. temporal lobe.  revieces info concerned about hearing.  hear sound but dont know what it is
    primary auditory cortex
  15. in the insula
    Primary Gustatory Cortex
  16. somatic motor association area
    premotor cortex
  17. learned skiled motor activities of a repetitive nature- typing, playingg piano
    premotor cortex
  18. association area in parietal lobe
    somatic snesory association are
  19. association area in frontal lobe
    premotor cortex
  20. interprets the sensations we feel- texture and shape
    somatic sensory association area
  21. association area in temporal lobe
    auditory association area
  22. area of cerebral cortex. motor speech area. left frontal lobe. controls the muscle and breathing movements associated with speech
    Broca Area
  23. left hemisphere, understand spoken language, choosing the correct words in response
    wernicke area
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