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  1. abide by
    • All of the employees agreed to abide by the company rules.所有的員工都答應會遵守公司的規則。
    • Both sides were committed to abiding by the stipulations of the contract.雙方都承諾要遵守合約的條款。
  2. abstract
    n. 摘要;梗概
    • The clerk prepared an abstract for the company presentation.辦事員準備了一份公司簡報用的摘要。
    • This abstract outlines our business strategy for the upcoming season.這份摘要概述了我們下一季的商業策略。
  3. accommodate
    v. 提供;使適應;能容納
    • Organizers tried to accommodate the needs of all the conference participants.組織幹部試著提供所有與會者的需求。
    • The meeting hall could accommodate over five hundred audience members.會議室可以容納超過五百名會員。
  4. address
    n. 演說;致詞 v. 滿足;對付
    • The CEO gave her yearly address at the annual general meeting.執行長在年度會議上發表她的年度演說。
    • We need to address the needs and expectations of the customer when planning an ad campaign.當我們在計畫一個廣告活動時,要滿足客戶的需求與期待。
  5. agreement
    n. 協議;同意;合約
    • They had to come to an agreement on salary before the papers could be signed.在文件簽字前,他們必須先對薪水問題達成協議。
    • Even though she was just a temporary employee, she was still required to sign a work agreement.雖然她只是臨時僱員,她還是被要求簽一份工作合約。
  6. arrangement
    n. 準備工作;排列;佈置
    • Travel arrangements were made well in advance of the week-long conference in Las Vegas.在拉斯維加斯為期一週的會議前,已經做了很好的旅遊安排。
    • The arrangement of tables facilitated group discussions among the different participants.桌子的排列方便不同參與者之間的小組討論。
  7. association
    n. 協會;結交;交往
    • Members of the Farmers' Association descended upon Kentucky for their annual conference.農民協會成員突然造訪肯德基的年會。
    • Henry Austin had no association with the Austin Group of Criminal Lawyers.亨利.奧斯汀與奧斯汀罪犯律師團體並無關係。
  8. assurance
    n. 保證;信心
    • The manager gave his assurance that they would never be asked to work weekends.經理保證他們絕不會被要求在週末工作。
    • When asked whether he felt his employees were dedicated to their work, he was able to answer with assurance.當詢問到是否覺得他的員工都獻身於他們的工作時,他能夠帶著自信回答。
  9. attend
    v. 參加;照料
    • Many of the nation's beef farmers planned to attend this year's event.全國許多牛農打算參加這個年度活動。
    • The hotel staff attended to the needs of all theconference organizers.旅館工作人員照顧到所有會議幹部的需求。
  10. attract
    v. 吸引
    • The advertising department hoped to attract a lot of new customers with its latest campaign.廣告部門希望他們最近的宣傳可以吸引到許多新的客戶。
    • Helen was attracted to this company by it's strong reputation within the community.海倫為這間公司在業界有力的名聲所吸引。
  11. avoid
    v. 躲開;避免
    • Let's avoid the mistakes we made last year by putting more time into planning a strategy.我們要多放一些時間在計畫策略上,以避免我們去年所犯的錯
    • Tina tried to avoid naming the competitor's product in her sales meeting.提娜在自己的銷售會議上,試著不提及競爭者的產品。
  12. bankroll
    n. 鈔票;資金  v.提供(資金);提供財務上的協助
    • The millionaire supplied the bankroll for the project.百萬富翁提供計畫資金。
    • The millionaire offered to bankroll the entire operation out of his own pocket.百萬富翁以自己的鈔票贊助整個活動。
  13. bargain
    n. 特價商品;便宜貨   v. 討價還價;達成協議
    • I think we should make an offer; this deal is a real bargain.我想我們應該報個價;這個交易實在便宜。
    • The purchase was a bargain at fifty percent of the original price.以原價的百分五十買到這個商品實在便宜。
  14. business
    n. 生意;交易;商業;營業;行業
    • Helen had a good head for business so she decided to go into marketing.海倫生意頭腦很好,所以她決定從事銷售事業。
    • Business is good this season. Our sales are up twenty percent.這一季的生意很好,我們的銷售量上升了百分之二十。
  15. business capital
    n. 企業資金
    • A successful startup requires a fair amount of business capital.一個成功的創業需要相當大筆的企業資金。
    • Clark got the business capital for his new venture through his father.克拉克透過他的父親獲得新公司的企業資金。
  16. cancellation
    n. 取消
    The sales associate was very upset about the cancellation of the order.銷售夥伴對於訂單取消一事非常苦惱。Upon receiving news of the pending cancellation of his contract, Mark began to look for a new job.馬克一得知合約即將取消的消息時,就立刻開始找新的工作。
  17. characteristic
    n. 特性;特色
    • A five-year warranty is characteristic of most expensive wristwatches.一些最昂貴的腕錶都有五年的保固。
    • One characteristic of a good purchase is a comprehensive warranty.好貨品的特點之一就是有全方位的保固。
  18. circulation
    • This magazine has a circulation of ten thousand.這份雜誌有一萬份的發行量。
    • Adequate circulation is key to the success of any publication.足夠的發行量是任何出版品的成功之鑰。
  19. compare
    v. 比較
    • If you compare this year's profit to last year's, you will see how far we have come.如果你把今年的獲利與去年相比,你會看到我們有多大的成長。
    • Compared to our competitor's web site, ours has plenty of room for improvement.與我們對手公司的網站相比,我們的網站還有很大的改善空間。
  20. competition
    n. 競爭
    • They had to keep all their ideas confidential, as competition was fierce.競爭是激烈的,他們的點子都必須保密。
    • There was a healthy spirit of competition between the most successful sales associates.最成功的銷售關係中存在著一種健康的競爭精神。
  21. conflict of interest
    • There is a conflict-of-interest problem with the new board member as he is also part owner of the company.新的董事會成員有利益衝突的問題,因為他也是公司的老闆之一。
    • The lawyer asked to be removed from the case due to a conflict of interest stemming from his association with the client.律師被要求從這個案子中除名,因為他與來往的客戶有利益衝突。
  22. consequence
    n. 後果
    • As a consequence of his warranty expiring, Elliot had to pay a high bill for repairs to his car.伊利特因為保固過期,得付出高額的維修費用修理他的車子。
    • Beware the consequences of buying expensive appliances without purchasing their extended warranties.買了昂貴的設備卻沒有買延長保固服務,得小心其後果。
  23. consider
    v. 考慮;細想
    • We need to consider all of our options when financing a car purchase.當我們籌措購車資金時,我們得深思熟慮。
    • One must consider lifestyle and seating requirements when purchasing a new vehicle.買新車時,必須考慮生活形態與座位需求。
  24. consume
    v. 使全神貫注;消耗
    • He was consumed with his latest case and spent many hours working overtime.他全神貫注在最近的案子上,花了許多時間加班。
    • The special presentation that Tom was working on consumed all his spare time.湯姆做的這個特別的簡報耗去了他所有的空閒時間。
  25. convince
    v. 說服
    • Sometimes salesmen need to do a lot of fast talking to convince clients to buy.有時候業務員需要快言快語去說服客戶購買。
    • Sue told Jim why she thought he should apply for the job, but she couldn't convince him to fill out the application.蘇告訴吉姆為什麼她認為他應該要應徵這份工作,但是她並沒辦法說服他填寫申請表格。
  26. cover
    v. 包含;覆蓋
    • What does this warranty cover in terms of repairs and service to my car?我的車子的這份保證書涵蓋那些維修服務項目?
    • This purchase is covered by a fully comprehensive five-year warranty.這件商品包含一個五年綜合的保固。
  27. currently
    adv. 現在
    • We are currently in negotiations with a distributor on the east coast.目前我們正和西岸的一位批發商談判。
    • Currently, we have nine sales associates on our marketing team.現在,我們的市場團隊裡有九個銷售夥伴。
  28. deal with
    • We deal with this distributor most of the time because they are very reliable.我們大部分的時間都與這個批發商來往,因為他們很可靠。
    • International distributors have to deal with many difficulties in exporting regulations.國際批發商得應付許多出口規則中的難題。
  29. demonstrate
    v. 說明;論證;證明
    • The presentation clearly demonstrated the benefits to be had from opening up the market.這場簡報清楚地說明了開啟這個市場的好處。
    • The disastrous turnout at last week's trade show demonstrates how over-exposure can hurt sales.上週商展的人潮稀稀落落證明產品過度曝光會影響銷售成績。
  30. determine
    v. 判斷;影響
    • Before we get started, we need to determine what the client's expectations are.在我們開始前,我們要先判斷客戶的期待是什麼。
    • Customer demand determines the amount of inventory kept on hand.客戶的需求會影響留在手邊的存貨數量。
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