Social studies

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  1. What was the importance of agriculture?
    People didn't have to follow the food source and because of this there was more time for improvements or achievements.
  2. What are the four characteristics when describing civilizations?
    • The four characteristics are:
    • 1. People live in an organized society
    • 2. People are able to produce more food then needed
    • 3. People live in a city or town with some form of government 
    • 4. They practice division of labor
  3. Who controlled the government?
    The king and the priest.
  4. Who told people's religion?
    The king.
  5. What is trade?
    When people traded they traveled to places where they could exchange what was wanted from them for what they wanted.
  6. Why was the development of writing important?
    • People were able to make calendars of when to plant
    • People were ready to keep track of trades 
    • It stopped fights
  7. Where were the first civilizations?
    • Tigris and Euphrates River- Middle East
    • The Nile River- Egypt 
    • The Indus River- India
    • The valley of the Huang or the Yellow River- China
  8. Prehistory?
    The period of time which hominids and nomads lived.
  9. Hominid?
    An early human-like creature.
  10. Nomad?
    Early humans who moved from place to place in search of food.
  11. Land bridge?
    In the Ice Ages sea levels dropped leaving strips of dry land between continents.
  12. Division of labor?
    Each person performs a specific job.
  13. Archaeologist?
    Person who studies artifact.
  14. Historian?
    Person who studies the written word.
  15. Agriculture?
  16. Indigenous?
  17. Surplus?
    An amount of something greater then needed.
  18. Mesoamerica?
    • Southern part of Mexico
    • Central America
  19. Artifact?
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