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  1. comprise, constitute, include
    • compirse: to be made up of
    • include: to contain
    • constitute: to make up
  2. convince, persuade
    • persuade: to influence to a decision
    • convince: to compel assent or belief by argument
  3. imply, infer
    • writers imply
    • listeners infer
    • implication is a suggestion or hint
    • inference is a conclusion
  4. continual, continuous
    • continual (recurring at intervals)
    • continuous (continuing without interruption)
  5. farther, further
    • farther to express literal distance
    • further to express figurative distance
  6. feel
    do not use loosely for think
  7. can't hardly
    double negative
  8. equally as ... as
    • as ... as
    • equally ... with
  9. most favorite
    a redundant expression-> favorite
  10. differ from, differ with
    • not interchangeable.
    • differ from: to be dissimilar to
    • differ with: to disagree with
  11. fewer, less
    • fewer: countable number
    • less: amount or value
  12. very unique
    • an illogical construction.
    • instead, use very unusal, nearly unique, or almost unique
  13. most perfect, very parallel
    perfect, parallel
  14. nice
    an overused word..
  15. disinterested
    • disinterested: impartial
    • uninterested: without care
  16. expect
    do not use it as a synonym for suppose.
  17. practical, practically
    • practical: useful
    • practically: in a way that is practical
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