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  1. ability
    n. 能力
    • Candidates will be required to write a brief test to assess their ability.應徵者會被要求寫一份簡短的測驗,以證實他們的能力。
    • The ability to work well as a team member is necessary for this position.這個職位需要良好的團隊工作能力。
  2. abundant
    adj. 大量的;充沛的
    • Jobs in the field of computer technology are abundant right now.現在電腦科技領域的工作機會有很多。
    • The recruiter was confident that they would receive an abundant number of applications for the position.這名招募員工者很有信心這個職務可以收到很多應徵信。
  3. access
    n. 進入的權利;使用  v.  取出(資料);使用;接近
    • I don't have access to my company e-mail when I am away from the office.我離開辦公室就無法使用公司的電子郵件。
    • If you have the password, you can access your account from any location.如果你有密碼的話,你可以在任何地方使用你的帳號。
  4. accomplishment
    n. 成就;實現
    • After completing her first independent project, Shari had a huge feeling of accomplishment.莎瑞首次完成獨立計畫後,覺得很有成就感。
    • For her numerous accomplishments, Stephanie was rewarded with a hefty promotion.史蒂芬妮因數項成就而獲得升職獎勵。
  5. achievement
    n. 達成;成績
    • His most shining achievement in life was not his twenty years of service to the company, but the successful parenting of his children.他生平最亮眼的成就不是在公司服務二十年,而是成功地養育他的子女。
    • Dr. Rosenquist's achievements in medical research have laid the groundwork for many new discoveries.羅森吉思特博士在醫學研究上的成就奠定了許多新發現的基礎。
  6. affordable
    adj. 負擔得起的;不太貴的
    • We provide reliable, affordable advice to all our clients.我們提供可靠、價格合理的建議給所有的客戶。
    • We would like to purchase an affordable yet efficient computer system for our office.我們會為辦公室購買價格合理,卻有效率的電腦系統。
  7. apply
    v. 申請;請求
    • Heather decided to apply for the job even though she didn't possess all of the listed qualifications.希瑟決定應徵這份工作,儘管她並沒有符合所有的資格條件。
    • Don't forget to include your writing samples when you apply for the position of reporter.當你應徵記者的職務時,別忘了附上文字作品。
  8. appreciation
    n. 賞識;鑑識;感謝
    • In appreciation of all your hard work, a banquet will be held Saturday at six.為了感謝你們辛勤的工作,週六六點將舉行一場宴會。
    • Your appreciation of the situation gave us the insight we needed to solve the problem.你對情勢的評估讓我們暸解該如何解決這個問題。
  9. as needed
    • Feel free to stock up on extra office supplies as needed.若有需要就儘量採買額外的辦公室用品。
    • Please run a virus check on your computer as needed.必要的時候請進行電腦掃毒檢查。
  10. assemble
    v. 集合;收集
    • The computer needed to be assembled before the letters could be written.寫信前得先組裝電腦。
    • You must carefully read the instruction sheet before attempting to assemble your new computer.在試著組裝你的新電腦前,必須仔細閱讀操作說明書。
  11. aware of
    • I am not aware of any reason why I shouldn't hire you for the job.我不知道有何理由不該雇用你做這份工作。
    • The president was aware of the CEO's feelings of ambivalence toward him.總裁意識到執行長對他的矛盾情緒。
  12. background
    n. 出身背景資料
    • His background is in biology, but he would like to go into politics.雖然是生物學的背景,他卻想要從事政治。
    • Matt has a strong engineering background, combined with experience in contract management.麥特有很紮實的機械背景,還有合約管理的經驗。
  13. basis
    n. 主要原因或理由;基礎
    • On the basis of my hard work and dedication, I feel that I deserve an increase in my monthly salary.基於我勤勉工作與專心致力的理由,我覺得我加薪是應該的。
    • The CEO didn't have any basis for rejecting the requests of the employees.執行長沒有任何立場拒絕員工的要求。
  14. benefit
    n. 益處;優點 v. 得益;受惠
    • Does this job offer employee benefits, such as a dental plan?這份工作有提供員工福利嗎,例如牙醫醫療給付?
    • Everyone benefits from the success of the company.每個人都因公司成功而受惠。
  15. bring in
    v. 聘顧;增員;出現
    • The manager suggested bringing in a new freelancer for the project.經理建議這個計畫增聘一名新的外發人員。
    • The research and development team expect this new product to bring in high revenues.研發部門預期這個新的產品可以帶來很高的營收。
  16. bring together
    v. 參與;聚集
    • Each year, the company brings together its top sales representatives from across the country for a motivational weekend.每年,公司會聚集全國各地的頂尖業務代表參加週末激勵會。
    • Top recruiters from every major city were brought together at the annual job fair.來自各大城市的頂尖徵才公司參加了年度徵才會。
  17. call in
    v. 召喚;召開
    • Theresa was very excited when she was called in for a second interview.特瑞莎接到第二次面試通知時非常的興奮。
    • If the human-resources manager is satisfied with your application, she may call you in for an interview.如果人力資源經理對你的申請表內容感到滿意的話,她可能會請你來面試。
  18. candidate
    n. 候選人
    • I believe that with my qualifications and experience, I am the ideal candidate for this position.我相信憑著我的資歷與經歷,我是這個職位最理想的人選。
    • All eligible candidates are required to submit a resume and reference letters at their preliminary interview.所有合格的候選人在首次面試時都需要交付履歷與介紹信。
  19. capacity
    n. 容量;生產力;效能
    • This photocopier has the capacity to collate fifteen-page notebooks.這台影印機的自動分頁功能是每一份文件最多十五頁。
    • This elevator has an eleven-person capacity.這台電梯可以容納十一個人。
  20. casually
    adv. 偶然地;無意地;若無其事地
    • Derek casually told his assistant that he was quitting his job and moving to Hawaii.德瑞克若無其事地告訴他助理,他要離職搬去夏威夷。
    • The president casually slung his jacket over his shoulder and strolled out of the boardroom.總裁輕鬆地將外套甩到肩膀上,走出會議室。
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