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  1. code
    n. 規則;規範
    • Our company code states that we must wear proper business attire at all times when at work.我們公司明文規範,上班時一律穿著合宜的正式服裝。
    • Our employee code dictates that personal leave must be requested at least one month in advance.我們的員工規範要求,請事假必須至少在一個月前提出。
  2. come up with
    • The CEO decided to hold a brainstorming session to come up with an effective recruiting campaign.執行長決定舉辦一個動腦會議,想出一個有效增員的宣傳活動。
    • Wendy knew that she would have to come up with a good reason for missing her job interview.溫蒂知道她得想出個好理由解釋為什麼錯過了求職面試。
  3. commensurate
    adj. 同量的;相稱的
    • In most cases, the salary offered for a given job is commensurate with the candidate's qualifications and experience.大多數的情況,工作的薪水會與應徵者的資歷與經歷相符合。
    • The number of paid vacation days allotted to each employee is commensurate with the number of weeks they have worked.每個員工可獲得的給薪休假日數與他們實際的工作週數相符。
  4. compatible
    adj. 相容的;可共處的
    • My new computer is not compatible with my old printer.我的新電腦無法與我的舊印表機相容。
    • I need to find a keyboard that is compatible with my old operating system.我需要找一個可以與我現有的操作系統相容的鍵盤。
  5. compensate
    v.  酬報;補償
    • Don't try to compensate for your lack of diligence by bringing gifts to your boss.不要試圖送禮給老闆來彌補你欠缺的努力。
    • You will be compensated for your personal expenses at the end of the month.這個月底會支付你個人的花費。
  6. conduct
    n. 行為;品行  v. 帶領;實施;表現
    • The bus driver was fired for inappropriate conduct and lewd behavior.公車司機因不當的行為與猥褻的舉止被開除。
    • Please conduct yourselves accordingly when clients are touring the facility.客戶在參觀設施時,請適當的表現。
  7. confidence
    n. 自信;信心
    • You must always try to answer the interviewer's questions with confidence and honesty.你必須保持自信且誠實地回答面試者的問題。
    • During the interview, the interviewer will be attempting to assess the candidate's level of confidence.面試時,面試者會試著評估應徵者的自信程度。
  8. constantly
    adv. 不斷地;時常地
    • That company is constantly advertising for new employees. They have a very high turnover rate.那間公司時常在刊登徵人廣告,他們的流動率很高。
    • Elliot checked his phone constantly to see if anyone was calling him for an interview.艾略特不斷地檢查電話查看是否有人打電話來要他去面試。
  9. contribute
    v. 貢獻;捐助
    • We ask that each staff member contribute a few dollars per month to the coffee fund.我們要求每個員工每個月捐獻一些錢當作咖啡基金。
    • The president is most appreciative of everyone who contributed to the success of this project.董事長非常感謝每一個對此項計畫成功有貢獻的人。
  10. courier
    n. 信差;快遞員前將包裹送達。
    • The letter will be delivered to your office this afternoon by courier.快遞會在今天下午將信送到你的辦公室。
    • The courier service promises to deliver the packageby 9 a.m. tomorrow.快遞服務承諾會在明天早上九點
  11. disk
    n. 磁碟片
    • The disk had been corrupted and was no longer useful.這張磁碟片受損了,再也不能用了。
    • The disk was stuck in the drive and the computer was frozen.磁片卡在軟碟槽中,結果電腦當機了。
  12. display
    v. 顯示;展出 n. 展覽;陳列
    • The monitor will display the correct time in the lower-right-hand corner.螢幕的右下角會顯示正確的時間。
    • When my computer is running on battery power, the monitor display isn't bright enough.當我的電腦是使用電池供電的時候,螢幕的顯示會不夠亮。
  13. duplicate
    v. 使加倍;複製 n. 副本
    • Before photocopiers, secretaries used to use carbon paper to duplicate documents.在有影印機前,秘書會用複寫紙複寫文件。
    • I need an exact duplicate of the original to be signed by the client.我需要一份正確的副本讓客戶簽名。
  14. durable
    adj. 持久的;耐用的
    • Leather office chairs are far more durable than plastic ones.皮革的辦公椅遠比塑膠椅子持久耐用。
    • All our laptop computers come with a durable vinyl carrying case.我們所有的筆記型電腦都附有一個耐用的聚氯乙烯手提箱。
  15. eligible
    adj. 有資格當選的;法律上合格的
    • With your five year's of service, you will be eligible for three week's paid vacation this year.以你五年的年資,你今年有三週的給薪年假。
    • As an employee of this company, you are eligible for a twenty percent discount on any of our products.身為本公司員工,你有資格以八折價購買任何產品。
  16. expert
    n. 專家
    • The manager has decided that we require the services of an expert in finance to sort out our accounts.經理已經決定我們需要一個財務專家來解決我們的帳目問題。
    • Donna was hired by the firm due to the fact that she was an expert in contract law.這家公司雇用唐娜因為她是合約法的專家。
  17. expose
    v. 接觸到;曝光
    • The annual trade show will expose new sales consultants to the industry.在年度商展中將會讓新銷售顧問認識到該產業。
    • The CEO likes the new trainees to be exposed to as many different customer-service situations as possible.執行長想要新的受訓者儘可能接觸到各種不同的客服狀況。
  18. express
    adj. 快遞的;高速的
    • We sent the parcel via express mail. You should receive it this week.那個包裹我們是用快遞郵寄。這週你應該就可以收到。
    • The express train is thirty minutes faster than the commuter train.高速火車比通勤火車快三十分鐘。
  19. facilitate
    v. 使容易;促進;幫助
    • In order to facilitate operations, we will be hiring more staff.為使運作更為順暢,我們會雇用更多員工。
    • The manager attempted to facilitate the registration process by putting more clerks on the desk.經理指派了更多的辦事員參與,試圖使登記流程更為順暢。
  20. failure
    n. 失敗;疏忽;故障
    • Your failure to save your documents before the power outage resulted in a waste of time and money.你在電力中斷前沒有儲存文件,結果就是浪費時間與金錢。
    • We are currently experiencing an operational systems failure with our recording equipment.現在我們的錄音設備運作系統故障。

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