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  1. figure out
    • If I keep searching through the operator's manual, I am confident I will figure out the problem with our computer.如果我搜尋使用者手冊,我有信心我會解決我們電腦的問題。
    • We need to figure out how that hacker got into our web site so we can block him from doing it again.我們得找出那個駭客是如何進入我們的網站,才可以阻擋他再度入侵。
  2. follow up
    v.(把.....)進行到底;堅持完成   follow-up n.  後續行動
    • Don't forget to follow up with the employer one week after your interview.別忘了在面試後一週再度聯絡雇主。
    • It is appropriate to e-mail or call your interviewer one week after meeting as a follow-up.適合的做法是在會面一週後再寫電子郵件或是打電話給面試者做追蹤。
  3. glimpse
    n. 瞥見;一瞥
    • The company web site affords consumers a glimpse at the operations of Microtech.公司的網站提供消費者一探微科的運作。
    • Silvia caught a glimpse of the elusive owner of the company as he disappeared into his sleek automobile.席維雅在公司那個難以捉摸的老闆坐進他那輛豪華的汽車前見到了他的身影。
  4. hesitant
    adj. 遲疑的;躊躇的
    • Daria was hesitant to call the contact person again as she didn't want to appear desperate.達麗雅猶豫是否要再打電話給聯絡人,因為她不想要表現得太急切。
    • Tim appeared hesitant to answer when asked if he was willing to work weekends.在被詢問到是否願意在週末工作時,提姆顯得遲疑的樣子。
  5. hire
    n. 租用;雇用;雇員 v. 租用;雇用
    • Carol was a temporary hire to cover employee holidays for the summer.卡蘿是個臨時僱員,是來填補夏日休假員工的空檔。
    • Mr. Bradshaw wanted to hire a new assistant to handle all of his scheduling responsibilities.布瑞德修先生想要雇用新的助理處理他所有的行程安排。
  6. in charge of
    • Glenn is in charge of ordering the inventory at Marks & Spencer.格藍在瑪莎百貨負責訂購存貨。
    • Dale Smith is in charge of the sales department at Anderson Advertising.戴爾.史密斯在安得森廣告公司管理銷售部門。
  7. initiative
    n. 主動;創新的才能;率先
    • Darren showed real initiative when he made a proposition to the client.達倫在對客戶提案的時候,表現得很主動。
    • Our software initiative will corner the market whenit hits the streets.我們的軟體上市時,其首創性將會壟斷市場。
  8. keep up with
    v. 趕得上
    • It is important to keep up with changes in the industry by updating your skills.隨時更新自己的技能趕上產業的變化是很重要的。
    • Top executives take part in annual training seminars in order to keep up with their peers.高階主管參與年度訓練研討會目的在於能趕得上同儕。
  9. layout
    n. 版面設計;安排
    • The layout of this ad needs to be changed as it is not very eye-catching.這張廣告的版面設計需要修改,因為它並不是非常搶眼。
    • Please change the layout of the letter to fit the size of paper.請改變字母的編排方式以符合紙張的大小。
  10. look forward to
    v. phr. 期待
    • I am really looking forward to my summer vacation with my family.我很期待要和家人一起共度暑假。
    • I am looking forward to meeting you at our company dinner.我希望在公司的晚宴上見到你。
  11. look to
    v. 依賴;依靠
    • I have always looked to my mother for guidance and support when faced with problems in my life.當我的人生面臨問題時,總是有賴我母親給我指引與支持。
    • Please look to your supervisor for assistance if youencounter any obstacles on this assignment.若你在這個任務上遇到任何困難,請向你的主管尋求協助。
  12. look up to
    v. 尊敬
    • Julie had always looked up to her boss as an example of what she could become someday.茱麗將她的老闆視之為自己未來可能達成的典範一直很尊敬他。
    • You should treat your employees with fairness and respect if you want them to look up to you.如果你希望員工能夠尊敬你,你對待員工就應該公平且尊重。
  13. made of
    adj. 構成;組成
    • We need to get our product out on to the streets and show the competition what we're made of.我們需要讓我們的產品上市,給對手看我們的實力。
    • Great businessmen are made of confidence, charisma, and character.成功的生意人有自信、領導力,與高尚的品德。
  14. mention
    n. 提到;說及 v. 提到;簡述
    • There was no mention of last week's telephone conversation in the letter received today by our office.今天公司收到的信中並未提及上週電話訪談一事。
    • Don't forget to mention my name when you talk to your boss about potential candidates.當你和你的老闆談到有潛力的應徵者時,不要忘了提及我的名字。
  15. merit
    n. 功績;價值
    • You will be judged on the merit of your work and not on your popularity or appearance.我們會以你工作表現來評價,而非你受歡迎的程度或是外表來評斷。
    • This company is known for producing work that is of great merit to the industry.這間公司以其產品領先業界聞名。
  16. negotiate
    v.  談判;協商;洽談
    • Every manager should plan an annual evaluation meeting with their employees to discuss their work efforts and negotiate their pay raise.每位經理都應該安排年度評議會,與安排員工會談他們的工作表現並商談加薪幅度。
    • We need someone with a strong ability to negotiate on our bargaining team.我們的議價團隊需要一個協商能力很強的人。
  17. network
    v.  連絡;在廣播網(或電視網)聯播 n.  電腦網絡;網狀物;廣播網
    • Jason regularly went to a social club to network with his peers.傑森定期參加社交社團來連絡同儕感情。
    • A large network of web sites is accessible to consumers.消費者可使用無遠弗界的網路。
  18. on track
    • We must keep this meeting on track or we will run over time.我們必須讓這個會議步入正軌,否則我們時間會不夠。
    • It is important to avoid distractions and keep on track at work or you will miss your deadline.工作時很重要的是避免分心且方向正確,否則你會錯過截止時間。
  19. out of
    • William reported that the printer was out of ink again.威廉回報印表機的墨水又用完了。
    • Tara noticed that she was out of minutes on her phone and stopped to buy a new card.塔拉注意到她電話卡的時數已經用完,於是停下來買一張新的。
  20. outdated
    adj. 舊式的;過時的
    • The computers at the newspaper office are old and outdated.在剪報室的電腦老舊且過時了。
    • Jeff noticed that Sandra was using an outdated system and offered to help her update it.傑夫注意到珊德拉使用過時的系統,提議要幫她升級。
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