Psych Chap 15

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  1. Presbyopia
    Reduced ability to see in dim light and increased sensitiviey to glare (old eyes)
  2. Glaucoma
    A build up of fluid pressure in the eyes that damages optic nerves
  3. Presbycusis
    Hearing loss (old hearing)
  4. A gradual 10 year gradual decrease of estrogen production which concludes with menopause
  5. The end of menstruation and reproductive capacity
  6. Used to reduce the physical discomfort of menopause by administering low daily doses of estrogen
    Hormone Therapy
  7. What are 3 negative affects of Hormone Therapy
    • 1. Heart attack
    • 2. Breast Cancer
    • 3. Stroke
  8. Osteoporosis
    Age-related bone loss
  9. Extereme competitiveness, ambition, impatience, hostility, angry outbursts, and a sense of time pressure
    Type A behavior patterns
  10. ananlyzing a situation as changeable, identifying the difficulty and deciding what to do about it
    Problem-Centered coping
  11. Iternal, private and aimed control of distress when litlle can be one about a situation
    Emotional-centered coping
  12. A type of life-style with no or little physical exercise
  13. Self-efficacy
    Belief in one's ability to succeed
  14. A set of 3 personal qualities help individuals cope with stress. They include challenge, commitment and control
  15. Multi-dimensional
    A combined result of biological, psychological and social forces
  16. Multi-direntional
    The joint expression of growth and decline.
  17. Plastic
    Open to change
  18. Skills that depend on accumilated knowledge and experience, good judgement and mastery of social conventions
    Crystallized intelligence
  19. Skills that depend on information-processing. Ability to detect relationships amony visual stimuli, speed of analyzing information and the capacity of a working memory
    Fluid intelligence
  20. Middle aged adults that become good at developing expertise by becoming more deliberately thoughtful
    Pracitcal Problem Solving
  21. Primary Aging
    Aging that affects everyone
  22. Secondary Aging
    Excelerate aging that affects individuals who smoke, drink alcohol and are not sedentary
  23. Name 3 Symptoms of Menopause
    • 1. Decrease in Estrogen
    • 2. Vaginal Dryness
    • 3. End of Menstruation
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