BI 253 Meiosis:Mitosis

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  1. What are the 5 steps of mitosis?
    • Prophase
    • Prometaphase
    • Metaphase
    • Anaphase
    • Telophase
  2. What phase of the cell cycle occurs b/f mitosis?
  3. What 3 events occur during prophase at the beginning of mitosis?
    • Chromosomes condense & become visible
    • Kinetochores develop
    • Mitotic spindle begins to develop
  4. The 2nd phase of mitosis where the nuclear envelope disappears & the spindle fully develops is called ____.
  5. What 2 events occur in the metaphase of mitosis?
    • Centromeres are at the equatorial plate
    • Chromotids connect to 1 pole or the other
  6. What occurs during the anaphase of mitosis?
    Chromatids separate toward opposite ends of the spindle
  7. In mitosis chromosomes finish moving & nuclear envelopes form during the ____.
  8. What occurs after telophase in Mitosis?
  9. What are the 2 sections of meiosis?
    Meiosis I & II
  10. What are the 5 phases of Meiosis I?
    • Prophase I
    • Prometaphase I
    • Metaphase I
    • Anaphase I
    • Telophase I
  11. What 3 things occur during prophase I of meiosis?
    • Chromosomes condense
    • Genetic material crosses over
    • Synapses align homologs
  12. Mitotic spindle starts to attach to kinetochores & nuclear envelope breaks down. Events of ____ phase of meiosis I.
    Prometaphase I
  13. During Metaphase I, Homologous prs line up in the ___ ___.
    Metaphasal or Equitorial Plate
  14. During anaphase I homologous chromosomes do what?
    Separate & move toward opposite poles of the cell
  15. What occurs during telophase I?
    Chromosomes gather in nucleus & cell divides
  16. What is the main purpose of Meiosis I?
    Separate homologous chromosomes
  17. When is DNA replication completed with regards to Meiosis I & II?
    Prior to meiosis beginning
  18. During prophase II what happens?
    Chromosomes condense again
  19. In meiosis II chromosomes line up along metaphase plates during what stage?
    Metaphase II
  20. In anaphase II ___ ___ ___.
    Sister Chromatids separate
  21. In what phase of Meiosis II does the nuclear membrane reform?
    Telophase II
  22. What are the products of meiosis II?
    4 new cells that are haploids
  23. What are the main objectives of meiosis I?
    Diploids → Haploids
  24. What is the problem w/ the end product of meiosis I?
    2 sister chromatids are formed which are duplicated chromosomal material
  25. What is the objective of meiosis II?
    Separate sister chromatids fr meiosis I
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