HSII Ch.12 Vocab Pt. 2

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  1. coronary bypass surgery
    • surgery to relieve severely restricted coronary blood flow
    • veins ar etaken from other parts of the body to bypass partial blockage
  2. coronary circulation
    delivery of oxygen & remove waste from myocardium
  3. coronary sinus
    area that recieves deoxygenated blood from coronary veins and empties into R atrium
  4. coronary vein
    recieve blood from hear wall and empties into coronary sinus
  5. diastole
    • relaxation 
    • interposed between contractions 
  6. diastolic pressure
    blood pressure in arteries during diastole of the heart
  7. ductus arteriousus
    • connects aorta and pulmonary artery
    • allows most blood to bypass fetus' developing lungs
  8. ductus venosus
    continuation of umbilical vein that shunts blood returning from placenta past fetus' developing liver directly into inferior vena cava
  9. electrocardigram (ECG)
    graphic record of the heart's potential actions
  10. endocarditis
    inflammation of the lining of the heart
  11. endocardium
    thin layer of smooth tissue lining each chamber of the heart
  12. epicardium
    also called visceral pericardium
    inner layer of pericardium that covers surface of the heart
  13. foramen ovale
    • shunts blood from R atrium into L atrium
    • allost most blood to bypass baby'd developing lungs
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circulatory system vocab part 2
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