Anatomy Arthrology Sec 6

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  1. What is the structural classification of articulations?
    • - Presence of a space between bones
    • - connective tissue holding bones together
  2. What are the three types of connective tissue for structural classification?
    • Collagen fibers
    • Cartilage
    • Articular capsule and Accessory ligaments
  3. How are joints classified in functional classification?
  4. What are the three movement classifications in Functional classification?
    • Immovable = synarthrosis
    • Slightly moveable = amphiarthrosis
    • Freely movable = diarthrosis
  5. What are the features of Fibrous Articulations?
    • Lack synovial cavity
    • Bones held by fibrous connective tissue
    • Little or no movement (synarthroses or amphiarthroses)
    • No space between bones
  6. What fibrous articulation has synarthrosis and consists of a thin layer of dense fibrous connective tissue connecting bones?
  7. What are the features of syndesmoses?
    • Fibrous joint
    • Bones united by ligament
    • amphiarthrosis (slightly movable)
  8. What is an example of a syndesmoses joint?
    anterior tibiofibular joint and interosseous membrane
  9. What type of joint has a ligament holding cone shaped peg in bony socket?
  10. What are the features of cartilaginous joints?
    • Lacks synovial cavity
    • allows little or no movement
    • bones tightly connected by fibrocartilage or hyline cartilage
  11. What type of cartilaginous joints are connected by hyline cartilage?
    • Synchondroces¬†
    • (ex. joint between rib and sternum)
    • synarthrosis
  12. What type of cartilaginous joints are connected by Fibrocartilage?
    • Symphyses
    • (ex. IV disks)
    • amphiarthroses
  13. What are the features of a synovial joint?
    • Synovial cavity separates articulating bones
    • Diarthroses (freely moveable)
    • articular cartilage
    • articular capsule
    • synovial membrane
  14. What is the purpose of articular caartilage?
    • Reduce friction
    • Absorbs shock
  15. What is the function of the articular capsule?
    • Surrounds joint
    • Thickenings in fibrous
    • Capsule called ligaments
  16. What is the function of the synovial membrane?
    • Inner lining of capsule
    • secretes synovial fluid
    • brings nutrients to articular cartilage
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