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  1. Sensory input goes into what three, 2nd order neurons?
    • 1. Spinocerebellar
    • 2. Dorsal columns
    • 3. Spinothalamic
  2. Dorsal Columns
    • Joint position
    • Kinesthesia
    • Two-point discrimination
  3. Spinothalamic tract
    • Pain
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Coarse touch
  4. What lobe of the brain receives and processes sensory information?
    The parietal lobe.
  5. Dorsal root ganglion relays what sensory info to dorsal columns?
    • Conscious proprioception
    • Discriminative touch
    • Vibration
    • Stimulation of skin receptors.
  6. Small, unmyelinated, C-fibers transmit what through the spinoreticular, spinolimbic, and spinomesencephalic tracts?
    Aching pain.
  7. Anterior and posterior spinocerebellar tracts relay what?
    Unconscious proprioception and movement info to the cerebellum from muscles and ligaments.
  8. Visual info from right hemifield comes from and goes where?
    • From the right nasal and left temporal side of retinas.
    • Projected on the left side of the cerebrum.
  9. Visual info from the left hemifield comes from and goes where?
    • From the left nasal and right temporal side of retinas.
    • Projected on right side of cerebrum.
  10. Ventral streaming
    • "What" stream - Object processing:
    • Color
    • Texture
    • Pictorial detail
    • Shape
    • Size
  11. Dorsal streaming
    • "Where" stream - Spatial processing:
    • Location
    • Movement
    • Spatial
    • Transformations
    • Spatial relations
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