short stories 11.14.12

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  1. what is the narrator in the yellow wallpaper suffering from?
    nervous depression
  2. YW: huband?
    john, he belittles her
  3. what is the narrator in the yellow wallpaper bothered by?
    the yellow wallpaper
  4. what does she see in the yellow wallpaper?
    • women jumping out at her
    • she believes she came out of the wall paper
  5. schizophrenia?
    girl in yellow wallpaper may have because she sees hallucinations
  6. the yellow wallpaper written by?
    charlotte perkins gilman
  7. what does james joyce write in?
    stream of conciousness
  8. summary of araby?
    Boy likes this girl, so he wants to go to the bazaar to see her. Has to wait for his uncle to come home and give him money, but his uncle is an alcoholic and he is late.
  9. dubliners?
    a collection of short stories that araby is a part of
  10. atmosphere of araby?
    the bazaar is closing, boy got there too late and there isnt many places open
  11. how much money did the uncle give the boy?
    6 pence and a shilling
  12. what does the boy buy and araby?
  13. setting of araby?
    dublin, ireland
  14. a good man is hard to find written by?
    flannery o'conner
  15. araby written by?
    james joyce
  16. summary of a good man?
    Family goes for a drive, grandma tells them to go down a road and they end up crashing. Somebody comes over to 'help' grandma recognizes him and he kills them all
  17. what does the grandma tell the misfit to try and change him?
    • she cares for him
    • he is her son
  18. gorilla my love written by?
    toni code bambara
  19. summary of gorilla my love?
    a girl, hazel and her family go to the movies for easter day. they movie theatre plays the wrong movie and she complains. they do not give her a refund, so she sets fire to the lobby. also, when her hunca bubba announces his marriage, she is unhappy
  20. what does hazel from gorrilla believe?
    grownups can not be trusted
  21. what movie plays instead of gorilla?
    king of kings
  22. flowering judas written by?
    katherine anne porter
  23. allusion?
  24. where does flowering judas take place?
  25. what is flowering judas?
    a tree with white and red flowers
  26. judas?
    part of 12 disciples
  27. does the name of judas have anything to do with judas in the title?
    yes. judas was a traitor and so was the girl to the man she loved. Braggioni was also a traitor to his country
  28. braggioni?
    • leader of war
    • was self concious, always needed people to tell him how good he was, etc.
    • *brags about himself
  29. laura is ?
    a pon of braggiano and has nowhere to go
  30. the grasshopper and the bell cricket written by?
    yasunari kawabata
  31. grasshoper is a ___ story?
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