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  1. Found not guilty
  2. Practice of keeping people in separated groups based on their race or culture
  3. To bring charges against a political figure (especially the President)
  4. Laws that limited the rights of formerly enslaved people
    Black codes
  5. People who had been enslaved
  6. System of working the land in which the worker is paid with a “share” of the crop.
  7. Layer of soil held together by the roots of grasses
  8. An area of land set aside by the government for use only by Native Americans
  9. A time of fast economic or population growth
  10. People who were given 160 acres of land after they settled on it for five years
  11. An agreement between different countries or groups of people
  12. An area in which people share some ways of life
    Cultural region
  13. Time of fast economic decline
  14. President who ordered Union troops to leave South ending Reconstruction
    Rutherford B. Hayes
  15. Well-known African American cowhand
    Nat Love
  16. Last monarch to rule Hawaiian Islands
    Queen Liliuokalani
  17. President who was impeached by Congress because they disliked his plan for Reconstruction
    Andrew Jackson
  18. War Chief of the Sioux at Battle of Little Bighorn
    Crazy Horse
  19. Helped persuade Congress to buy Alaska from Russia
    William Seward
  20. Chief of the Nez Perce
    Chief Joseph
  21. Leader of the 7th Cavalry at Battle of Little Bighorn
    General Custer
  22. People searching for gold, silver and other minerals
  23. Spiritual leader of the Sioux
    Sitting Bull
  24. Whose plan for Reconstruction aimed to punish the South?
  25. ___________________ helped provide formerly enslaved people with an education.
    Booker T. Washington
  26. The end of Reconstruction changed life in the South and many African Americans lost what?
    They lost their Rights and Freedoms.
  27. Explain the Homestead Act and how it helped the Nation grow.
    Give 160 acres of land to any head-of-family who was more than 21 years of age who would live on the land for at least 5 years. Led to expansion of the West.
  28. These two groups of people settled in the west and sometimes had disagreements so they put up fences to keep the other groups from reaching water.
    Farmers and Ranchers
  29. Native Americans resisted settlement of the West because ______?
    It was their home
  30. What did homesteaders on the Great Plains build their homes out of and why?
    Sod. There were lots of it and few trees.
  31. How did Texas Ranchers get their cattle to the market?
    First by cattle drive and then by train
  32. Explain how Alaska became part of the United States and why its population grew.
    We bought it from Russia. People found Gold.
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