Skin System

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  1. The two parts of the skin
    Epidermis and Dermis
  2. Epidermis
    outer layer of the skin-thin
  3. Dermis
    Inner layer of the sun-thick
  4. Layers of the Epidermis (outer layer)
    • Basale (basal layer)
    • Spinosum (Spiny layer)
    • Granulosum (Granular layer)
    • Lucidium (Clear layer)
    • Corneum (Horny layer)
  5. Which layer of the epidermis is always making cells
    Basal layer
  6. Which layer of the empidermis is "thick skin" and not everyone has it
    Lucidium (clear layer)
  7. Four types of skin cells
    • Keratinocytes
    • Melanocytes
    • Langerhans
    • Merkel
  8. Keratinocytes
    Produce keratin (top most layer of the skin)
  9. Melanocytes
    Produces melanin
  10. Langerhans cells
    Antigen presenting cells (immune cells)
  11. Merkel Cells
    Mechanoreceptors (feels, senses, touch)
  12. Layers of the Dermis
    Papillary layer and Reticular layer
  13. Papillary Layer
    • Very thin layer, forms finger prints.
    • Ripped papillary layers results in strech marks
  14. Reticular layer
    The larger layer, finbers in certain order, lines of cleavage
  15. Cutaneous glands
    • Also called Skin Glands
    • Located in the Dermis
  16. The three types of cutaneous glands
    • Sebum (Sebaceous) glands-oil
    • Odorous (Apocine) glands-odor
    • Sweat (Merocine) glands-sweat
  17. Epidermal would healing
    • No scare
    • Only epidermis damanged
  18. Deep wong healing
    • Went into dermis
    • if cut is against the grain it will cause a scare
  19. Four funtcions of the skin
    • Protection
    • Sensation
    • Excretion
    • Thermoregulation
  20. Two parts of the brain that sense temp
    • Hypothalamus
    • Hypophysis
  21. Normal internal temp
  22. Heat promoting mechanisms
    • Vasoconstriction of blood vessels
    • Metabolic rate increases
    • Shivering
    • Enhanced thyroxin release
  23. Heat loss mechanisms
    • Vasodilatation of blood vessels
    • Enhanced sweating
  24. The three pigments of the skin
    • Melanin
    • Carotene
    • Hemoaglobin
  25. Mealnin
    • Yellow to reddish-brown to black pigment
    • Responsible for dark skin colors
  26. Carotene
    • Yellow to orange pigment
    • Most obvious in the pamls and soles of the feet
  27. Hemoglobin
    • Reddish pigment
    • Responsible for the pinkish hue of the skin
  28. 1st degree burn
    Epidermis burned
  29. 2nd degree burn
    Epidermis burned and Dermis injured
  30. 3rd degree burn
    All layers burned
  31. Basal cell carcinoma
    volcano shaped
  32. Squammous cell carcinoma
    • Isolated island
    • Small islands
  33. Melanoma
    • Dark red
    • Dark ridges
  34. Ectoderm
    Layer of the fetus that forms the epidermis
  35. Mesoderm
    Layer of the fetus that forms the dermis and hypodermis
  36. Lanugo
    Downy coat of delicate hairs covering the fetus
  37. Vernix Caseosa
    Substance produced by sebaceous glands that protects the skin of the fetus in the amnion
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