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  1. accordance
    agreement, conformity
  2. blasphemous
    containg lies about god, profane, irreverent
  3. brazen
    shameless, insulting
  4. buffoons
    a person who amuses others by jokes, tricks or odd gestures and faces
  5. dauntless
    not intimidated, fearless
  6. decorum
    dignified propreity of speech, behavior, etc
  7. despair
    loss of hope, hopeless
  8. disapprobation
    disapproval, condemnation
  9. disconcert
    throw into order of confusion, perturb, ruffle, disarrange
  10. dissolution
    breaking up of an organization, dismisal
  11. embellishment
    ornament or decoration, fictious addition
  12. gaunt
    extremly thin or weak bony, emaciated, from hunger or torture
  13. giddiest
    frivolous and light hearted, impulsive
  14. hideous
    very ugly, repulsive, monster like
  15. hue
    variety of color, tint
  16. impetuosity
    sudden or rash movements
  17. monotonous
    lacking in variety, boring, tedious
  18. peal
    loud prolonged ringing of bells
  19. profuse
    made or done freely and abundantly, spendingor giving freely in a large amount
  20. propriety
    rightness or justness, conformity to good manners and behavior
  21. prostrate
    to lay flat against the ground, to lie down
  22. reverie
    a daydream, a state of dreamy meditation
  23. sagacious
    wise, shrewd, praticial sense
  24. stately
    dignified, majestic, elegant
  25. summoned
    to call upon to do a certain task
  26. termination
    the ending, closing
  27. vista
    a view or prospect especially seen through narrow view, far-reaching mental view
  28. vividly
    strikingly bright or intense, full of color, lively, animated, bold
  29. voluptuous
    misitering to indulgence in luxury, pleasure and sensual enjoyment, derived from gratification of the senses
  30. wanton
    done on purpose in a bad way
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