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  1. This was to keep the US from repeating the same mistakes that led to the entry of WWI
    The US passed a series of neutrality acts to stay out of the war.
  2. The policy of warring nations purchasing arms and other goods from the US?
    The "Cash & Carry" Policy
  3. The port where British and French forces were evacuated against German forces?
    The battle of DUNKIRK
  4. How does the US respond to the rise of fascist governments in Europe?
    The US did nothing, stayed neutral
  5. What step did the US take to aid England concerning her colonies in the Americas?
    The US has a "hemispheric defense zone" - we watched & defended colonies for England
  6. What Hitler called Germany's quick air strikes on Poland
    The "Lightning War" - Blitzkrieg
  7. Concentration & extermination camps were a part of this
    The Holocaust - The "Final Solution"
  8. What laws limited Jews in Germany?
    Nuremberg Laws
  9. What genocide in WWII took the lives of 11 million Europeans?
    The Holocaust
  10. What is the term referring to the German annexation of Austria?
  11. Hitler's plan for unifying Germany under the rule of a superior race, published
    Mein Kampf
  12. This technological device saved England from the German invasion & bombardments
  13. The policy that England & France used with Germany concerning Czechoslovakia
    The Policy of Appeasement
  14. The agreement between Germany and the Soviet Union about not fighting & Poland
    Nazi - Soviet Pact - Wouldn't fight & would split Poland after war (Secret)
  15. The term for the type of government where the nation comes before the individual
  16. FDR's concern about other Supreme Court cases with the New Deal caused him to propose what?
    Changing the Supreme Court from 9 to 13 judges - Failed
  17. The New Deal's legacy does what in terms of expanding the federal government's authority?
    Expanded the Federal Government's authority over the economy (hands-on)
  18. Which New Deal program set up pensions for the elderly and unemployment?
    Social Security Act
  19. A criticism of the New Deal when questioning the role of government
    People said it would cause a Welfare State
  20. Which New Deal program assisted unemployed young men to plant trees and build resovoirs?
    Civilian Conservation Corps/Camps: CCC
  21. Who benefitted with jobs during WWII?
    Women, blacks and other minorities
  22. FDR's weekly speeches on the radio were called...
    Fireside chats
  23. The African American soldier has to deal with this in the service in the early years of the war:
  24. The efforts of all Americans at home concerning meat, gas, and other goods?
  25. What case addressed the role of government with national security when it comes to individuals such as Japanese Americans?
    Korematsu vs. United States
  26. Who was the leader of Italy?
    Benito Mussolini - "El Duche"
  27. What was the military name for D-Day?
    Operation Overlord
  28. Where was D-Day?
    Normandy Beach, France (Supposed to liberate France, caused 2-front in Germany)
  29. What does Churchill want to attack of Germany's?
    PERIPHERY (colonies)
  30. Where does Italy invade in Africa?
  31. What event was the downfall for President Hoover?
    He sent troops to squash Bonus March (soldiers marching for benefits)
  32. What was the original reaction to depressions before 1929?
    "Part of the Business Cycle" - People stopped spending
  33. The special session of Congress to pass legislation of The New Deal
    100 Days
  34. How does FDR deal with bank scares?
    He declares a Bank Holiday
  35. This program of the New Deal gave labor unions the right to organize and bargain
    National Recovery Administration (NRA)
  36. What was the name of the American & Filipino prisoner march by the Japanese?
    Bataan Death March
  37. Why did the US enter the war?
    The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
  38. How does the US respond to Japan's invasion of China?
    The Oil Embargo - Refused to trade
  39. Where did the Allies begin their invasion of Italy?
  40. The name of the suicidal Japanese pilots:
  41. What was the US practice concerning Latin America?
    Practiced POLICING (monitoring)
  42. How were nationalist movements in southwest Asia & the Middle East?
    Challenging because it was Eastern culture vs. Western Ideas
  43. What was the St. Louis incident?
    930 Jewish Germans were denied entry to Cuba & St. Louis, Florida (US), forced to face Holocaust
  44. What is the Atlantic Charter?
    US would only trade with free & democratic nations
  45. Which 2 powers emerged as the strongest nations on the outcome of WWII?
    US & Soviet Union
  46. What was the purpose of the Nuremberg Trials?
    Brought justice & peace of mind to victims of the Holocaust & families
  47. What was the name of the atomic bomb testing?
    Manhattan Project
  48. What was the Tehran conference?
    Between US, England & Soviet Union - decided to divide Germany, 2-front war, attack Japan after
  49. Where was the paper clip created & why?
    Norway - Solidarity against Nazis
  50. What are the 5 permanent Security Council members to the United Nations?
    France, US, Soviet Union, England and China
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