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  1. Community?
    • A group of people who are joined together because they share something in common. 
    • Believers are usually part of a religious community sharing similar beliefs, values and traditions.
  2. Evangelism?
    • Spreading a faith or religion to others, usually through telling them about the faith, such as missionaries.
  3. Faith?
    • Having a belief in someone or something. 
    • Religious believers show their faith through prayer, worship and living out the teachings of a religious tradition.
  4. Identity?
    • The sense of who you are in terms of attitudes, character and personality. 
    • Belonging to a religious traditionmay be a part of someones identity. They may expressthis by what they wear, what they eat and their jobs.
  5. Pilgrimage?
    • A journey to a place of special religious significance, such as the Hajj or Lourdes.
  6. Sacred?
    • Something so special that it is dedicated to God and should be respected.
    • Places of worship are often sacreditems such as the Torah scrolls or holy books.
  7. Aum?
    • The sound made by the universe when it was first created.
    •                                     OR

    • Sacred mantra often considered as the eternal sound
  8. Conversion?
    A change.e.g. a change in religious beliefs.
  9. Cremation?
    The burning of dead bodies, rather than burying them in the ground.
  10. Culture?
    Traditions and customs of a society
  11. Denomination?
    A group of religious believers who have their own organisation and faith.
  12. Expression?
    • A statement in words, actions or symbol of a person's lifestyle, religion, culture or feelings.
  13. Idolatry?
    • Worshipping an image of God or an idol. 
  14. Initiation rites?
    Ceremonies that mark different stages of life, such as Baptism, marriage ect.
  15. Shikhara?
    • A Sanskrit word meaning 'mountain peak' which means the rising tower in the Hindu temple architecture.
  16. Varanasi?
    • A city on the river Ganges sacred to Shiva.
  17. Iconostasis?
    • A screen covered with icons used in Eastern Orthodox churches to seperate the sanctuary from the nave.
  18. Ichthus?
    • A fish symbol representing the belief in Jesus, which uses its individual Greek letters to mean 'Jesus Christ God's Son Saviour'. 
  19. Incense?
    • Powder or oil burnt to give a sweet-smelling smoke.
    • Often used in religious ceremonies or places of worship.
  20. Vestments?
    • Garments worn by priests.
  21. Social Justice?
    When people in everyday life have equality of rights and opportunities whatever their race, gender, religion or sexual orientaion.
  22. Spiritual Development?
    Growth or progress in aspects of life that are beyond the material and physical.
  23. Symbolism?
    Representaionof ideas and beliefs through pictures and images.
  24. Rituals?
    Ceremonies that are often religious.

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