Cat Breeds, Coats, colors

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  1. Striped Tabby Pattern
    Vertical stripes- Mackerel
  2. Blotched Tabby Pattern
    Rounded circles and stripes- Marbled
  3. Spotted Tabby Pattern
    Dark spots all over, ticked hairs- Leopard
  4. Ticked Tabby
    Shaft of hairs alternate black and light with dark tip- agouti
  5. Which cats are predisposed to blindness?
    White cats with blue eyes
  6. Image Upload
    • Abyssinian
    • Oldest, worshipped by egyptians, agouti coat, 
    • Prone to gingivitis, tooth decay, and renal problems
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    • American Short Hair
    • Looks like DSH, purebred
    • Most well known color is Silver Tabby
  8. Image UploadImage Upload
    • American Wirehair
    • Wirey coat
    • Mutation, very ucommon
    • Med. Length, All Colors
    • Love to be center of attention
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    • Bombay
    • All black, Round head with shorter muzzle, Gold to copper eyes, All black, look like mini panther
    • Playful, compatable with other animals
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    • Burmese
    • Related to siamese, Raspy voice, not very talkative
    • Squished face, coat is very short, satin like, requires little grooming
    • 2 common colors- sable and champagne
    • People oriented, dog like
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    • Egyptian Mau
    • One of the oldest living breed of domestic cats
    • **ONLY naturally spotted cat, Green eyes, Mascera lines, Chirp voice
    • Silver, bronze, smoke, pewter
    • Active, great hunters
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    • Havana Brown
    • Chocolate siamese, pointed sharp face, green eyes- oval shaped
    • May have been named after a cigar or a breed of rabbit
    • Playful
  13. Image UploadImage Upload
    • Japanese Bobtail
    • May be LH or SH, color combos- red or orange w/ white or black w/ white
    • Mi-Ke (mee-kay), good luck, 
    • Kittens aren;t born tailess, they are born with a full tail or short tail.
    • Like water, talkative, some sing
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    • Manx- Shorthaired Cymric
    • Any color, eyes are round, & brown
    • Manx= Tailess, dominant gene, litter may have kittens with full tail, or short tail or Rumpy
    • No tail= Rumpy Riser, back arched
    • Tailess may have sphincter or bladder damage
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    • Devon Rex
    • Rounder head then a Cornish rex. Crimpy Coat, poodle like coat, huge ears that are set low on their head
    • All Colors
    • Guard Hairs are fragile
    • Seak heat, love to snuggle
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    • Russian Blue
    • Silver-blue
    • ends of hair are dipped
    • eyes are green, ears are pointed
    • intellegent, playful, mood sensitive
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    • Scottish Fold
    • May be LH= Highland fold
    • All colors
    • Ears are a mutation, can get both unfolded and folded in litter
    • Born with straight ears, after 3 weeks they curl
    • Breed fold to fold and u get osetodystrophe
  18. What are the Point colors and where are they found?
    Seal, black, chocolate, blue, lilac
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    • Siamese
    • Skinny, lanky,talkative
    • Pointed
    • Large Ears
    • unpredictable, known to be wool suckers, suck on things
    • IF they arent pointed, they are Oriental SH
  20. Image Upload
    • Snowshoe
    • Inverted V on face
    • white boots and gloves, bright blue eyes
    • love water, intellegent
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    • Sphynx
    • Many colors, wrinkles, bat ears, krimpy curly whiskers
    • May be smooth or wirey, with hair patches on nose, tail and toes
    • feel like a warm peach, need bathing and ear cleaning, may burn or freeze, should be kept indoors
    • may wag their tail
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    • Tonkinese
    • Beffy Siamese
    • Champagne, blue, platinum and mink
    • Can be Pointed
    • From Siamese and Burmese
    • Playful
  23. Image UploadImage Upload
    • Oriental Short Hair
    • Most are cross eyed, Siamese without the points, Lanky triangular head, green eyes
    • 300 colors
  24. Image Upload
    • Ocicat
    • Not Naturally Spotted!, Selectively bred to copy wild cats
    • Colors- Tawny, Chocolate, Cinnamon
    • Abyssinian, Siamese, & ASH
    • May walk on a leash, intellegent
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    • Bengal
    • Most common color- Brown Tabby
    • Spots are Aligned horizontally, rather than random like the Oci.
    • Glitter Gene- gives fur an iridescent glow
    • Like water, can be docile and timid
  26. Image UploadImage Upload
    • DSH
    • Random Bred
    • Make up 95% of cat population
    • Any Color Combination
    • Mix of genes
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    • Balinese
    • Same thing as Javanese
    • LH Siamese
    • Pointed
    • Blue Eyes
    • Long legs, body, and tail
  28. Image Upload
    • Birman
    • Pointed & booted, and gloves
    • Long silky hair- no matting
    • Golden Cast, born white
    • Pointed
    • People lovers
  29. Image Upload
    • Himalayan
    • May be Pointed or all white, Brachycephalic = malocclusions or snaggle toothed
    • cross btw siamese and persian
    • Blue eyes
    • Lots of Grooming
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    • Maine Coon
    • Tall Tufted Ears
    • Largest Domestic cat
    • All colors and patterns
    • Coat is water repellent
    • Good with kids and dogs
  31. Image Upload
    • Persian
    • Many colors, Silver, gold, smoke, may have lion cut, Heavy bones and short legs
    • Sweet, may live 20 years
    • Can get tear stains and ring worm
    • Love attention
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    Turkish Angora
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  36. Image UploadImage Upload
    • DLH
    • Random Bred
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