CHQ 145 Memory Items

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  1. Pitch Trim Runaway
    Control Column:  Hold Firmly

    • Below V1:
    •    T/O:   Reject

    • Above V1:
    •    Quick Disconnect:   Press and Hold
  2. T/O With Engine Failure Above V1
    Max T/O Thrust:   Check

    At Vr:   Rotate

    Positive Climb

    Landing Gear:   UP

    Airspeed:   V2
  3. Rejected T/O
    Thrust Levers:   Idle or Max Reverse
  4. Engine Reverser Fail
    Below V1:

    Rejected T/O:   Accomplish
  5. Engine Out

    (Dual Engine Failure)
    Airspeed:   Min 260 kts

    Altitude:   Max 250

    O2 Max:   Don

    Airstart Procedure:   Accomplish
  6. ATTCS Fail
    • Below V1:
    •   Rejected T/O:   Accomplish

    Above V1:

       Thrust Levers:   Max
  7. Engine ATTCS No Margin
    Below V1:

       Rejected T/O:   Accomplish
  8. Engine Low N1
    Below V1:

       Rejected T/O:   Accomplish

    Above V1:  

       T/O w/ Engine Failure:   Accomplish
  9. Engine Fire
    Identify Affected Engine

    Thrust Lever:   Idle

    Start/Stop Selector:   Stop

    Fire Extinguish Handle:   Pull, do not rotate
  10. Baggage Compartment Smoke
    Bag Fire Ext Button:   Press
  11. Cabin Fire or Smoke
    Crew o2 Mask:   Don, select 100%

    Smoke Goggles:   Don

    Recirculation Fan:   Off

    Crew Communication:   Establish
  12. Battery Overtemp
    Associated Battery:   OFF
  13. Take Off Configuration Warning
    Do Not Tame Off.

    Airplane Configuration:   Correct
  14. Airplane Overspeed
    Airspeed:   Slow Below Vmo/Mmo
  15. Stall Warning
    Airplane Attitude:   Adjust

    Thrust Levers:   Max
  16. Windshear Warning
    Thrust Levers:   Max

    Go-Around Buttons:   Press
  17. Holding Configuration
    Landing Gear:   Up

    Flaps:   Up

    Airspeed:   200 kts 
  18. APU Fire
    APU Fuel Shutoff Valve:   Close
  19. Emergency Egress
    Retainer Cover:   Remove

    Retainer:   Rotate

    Hinge Pins:   Disengage

    Egress Through Opening
  20. Emergency Evacuation
    Parking Brake:   Apply

    • Cabin:   Depressurize
    • Nf
    • Fire T Handle:   Pull

    APU/Engine Fire Bottles:   Discharge 

    Electric Fuel Pumps:   OFF

    Hydraulic Pumps:   OFF

    Cabin Crew:   Notify

    Emergency Lights:   ON

    Evacuation:   Initiate 

    ATC:   Notify

    Batteries:   OFF
  21. Emergency Descent
    Cabin Crew:   Notify

    Seat Belt Sign:   ON

    Thrust Levers:   Idle

    Speed Brakes:   Open

    Airspeed:  250 kts

    Landing Gear:   Down

    MEA:   Check
  22. Anti Icing Inop
    Below V1:

       Takeoff:   Reject
  23. Rapid Decompression 
    Crew o2 Masks:   Don

    Crew Communication:   Establish

    Emergency Descent:   As Required
  24. Spoiler Fail
    Control airplane using thrust, elevator, and stabilizer 

    Speed Brake:   Close
  25. Jammed Aileron
    Aileron Disconnect:   Pull
  26. Aileron/Roll Trim Runaway
    Control roll attitude manually with control wheels and rudder.

    Quick Disconnect:   Press and Hold

    Aileron System 1 & 2:   OFF
  27. Jammed Elevator
    Elevator Disconnect:   Pull
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