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  1. Generic name
    Given by the manufacturer that first develops the drug

    Eg: Paracetamol
  2. Trade name
    Given by the manufacturer who markets the drug

    Eg: panadol, pamol and paracare
  3. Therapeutic
    Desire affect - relieve from pain
  4. Side effect
    predicatable effect that may occur causing pain symptoms
  5. Adverse effect
    unexpected effects may be related to dosage, discontinued used. 
  6. Toxic
    May develop after prolonged intake
  7. Allergic reaction
    Unpredictable response
  8. 5 rights
    • Right Drug
    • Right Date
    • Right Time
    • Right Patient
    • Right Route
  9. Oral (hard)
    • tablet
    • capsule
    • caplets
    • eneric coated tablet
  10. Oral liquid
    • elixirs
    • solutions
    • suspensions
    • syrups
    • emulsions
  11. Topical 
    applied to skin or mucous membrane

    • lotion
    • creams
    • gels
    • ointment
  12. Rectal/vaginal
  13. Absorption
    passage of medication molecule into the blood from site of administration
  14. Factors that influence absorption
    • *route of medication
    • *ability of medication to dissolve
    • *blood flow to site of administration
    • *body surface area
  15. Oral route
    via mouth & swallowed

    Have a slower rate of action
  16. Parenteral route
    Injection, can be subutanous, intramuscular or intravenous
  17. Sublingual
    Placed under the tongue
  18. Buccal
    Placed against the cheek until dissolves
  19. Inhaled
    Breath in
  20. Topical 
    Applied to skin & mucous membranes
  21. Enteric coating
    An enteric coating is a barrier applied to oral medication to ensure that drug are absorbed in the small intestine rather than the stomach
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