Career Counseling

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  1. What theorist purports that a child will develop a personality which gravitates toward people or away from people.
    Anne Roe (people who more away from people will gravitate toward outdoor, science or technology. People toward people will gravitate  to business, organization or general culture).
  2. Describe Roe's 3 basic parenting styles
    • Overprotective
    • Avoidant/Rejecting = emotionally cold and hostile
    • Acceptant/Democratic
  3. List Anne Roe's 6 Levels of occupational skill
    • professional and managerial 1
    • proffessional and managerial 2
    • semi professional/small business
    • skilled
    • semi skilled
    • unskilled
  4. What are Anne Roe's 8 occupational fields?
    Service, Business, Organizations, Technology, Outdoor, Science, General Culture, Arts/Entertainment
  5. Anne Roe's personality approach utilizes a 2 dimensional system of occupational classification utilizing....
    8 occupational fields and 6 levels
  6. What theorist is associated with the person-environment fit theory that suggest a personality approach to career choice based on premise that satisfies an unconscious need?
    Anne Roe
  7. Edmund Griffith Williamsom's work purports to be scientific and didactic, utilizing test data from instruments such as the Minnesota Occupational Rating scales. What is the theory called?
    Minnesota  Viewpoint
  8. Describe Parson's 3 Steps to implement trait and factor approach
    (1) Knowledge of self and aptitudes and interest

    (2) Knowledge of jobs, including the advantages and disadvantages of them

    (3) Matching individual with the work
  9. What theorists are associated with the "trait and factor, actuarial, matching structured theory?"
    Parsons and Williamson
  10. Which career counseling approaches views career counseling decisions as longitudinal and reversible
    Developmental Approach
  11. What law stated that woman would have equeal work opportunities and equal job pay?
    Title VII of Civil Rights Act (1964), amended 1972
  12. Define Avocation
    Leisure activity that one engaged in for pleasure rather than money.
  13. Describe Victor Vroom's Motivation and management expectancy theory.
    Suggest that an employee's performance is influenced by Valence (will work provide rewards such as money, promotion, satisfaction). Expectancy (what does the person feel he is capable of doing). and instrument-ality (will manager actually give the promised reward?)
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