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  1. Chapter 1 Tent Pegs
    • 1. Paul's introduction
    • 2. God's wrath
    • 3. General revelation
    • 4. Homosexuality
  2. Ginosko: Knowledge
    To know or understand, a definiteness
  3. Epignosko: Knowledge
    Knowing full well, a special participation or advanced knowledge
  4. Gnostos: Knowledge
    That which may be known of God
  5. Epignosis: Knowledge
    A greater participation in the object known, therefore a more powerful influence on the knower
  6. Orge: Wrath
    Wrath or anger
  7. Apostole: Apostle
    A sending, a mission
  8. Chapter 2 Tent Pegs
    • 1. God's judgement
    • 2. Circumcision of the heart
    • 3. Inwardly not outwordly
    • 4. God shows no favoritisim
  9. Peritome: Circumcision
    A cutting round
  10. Hamartia: Sin
    A missing of the mark (to practice; doing)
  11. Hamartano: Sin
    To miss the mark (by man; agianst God)
  12. Chapter 3 Tent pegs
    • 1. Evidence against humanity
    • 2. God is God over all
    • 3. Righteousness apart from the law
    • 4. No one is righteous
  13. Logion: Oracle
    A word, narrative, statement that denotes a Divine response
  14. Diakaiosune: Justified
    The character or quality of being right or just
  15. Dikaioo: Righteousness
    To deem one to be rightor righteous
  16. Apolutrosis: Redemption
    Forgiveness and justification, deliverance of the guilt sins
  17. Chapter 4 Tent Pegs
    • 1. They did not waver
    • 2. David's transgressions forgiven
    • 3. Abraham justified by faith
    • 4. Credited to him
  18. Logizmai: Imputed
    to reckon, to take into account
  19. Diakrino: Waver
    Rendered to waver
  20. Ergazmai: Works
    to work something
  21. Plerophoria: Persuaded
    induce, in an evil sense
  22. Chapter 5 Tent Pegs
    • 1. Adam vs. Jesus
    • 2. Sin vs. Gace
    • 3. Condemnation vs. Justification
    • 4. Rejoice in our suffering
  23. Elpis: Hope
    Favorable and confident expectation
  24. Katallasso: Reconciled
    To change or exchange especially money, God's favor to us with the removal of his wrath
  25. Prosagoge: Access
    A leading or bringing into the presence of, a freedom to enter through the assistance or favor of another
  26. Chapter 6 Tent Pegs
    • 1. Dead to sin
    • 2. Baptized into Christ's death
    • 3. Instuments of righteousness
    • 4. Wages of sin is death
  27. Kardia: Heart
    Chief organ, seat of physical life
  28. Baptizo: Baptism
    To baptize, to dip
  29. Charis: Grace
    Pleasure, delight, favourable regard
  30. Chapter 7 Tent Pegs
    • 1. Marriage illustration
    • 2. Law is good
    • 3. Paul's use of "I"
    • 4. Wretched man am I
  31. Katargeo: Released or annulled
    To put out of business
  32. Thanatoo: Death
    A change in the bondage from the law to the union with Christ
  33. Nekros: Dead
    Sin which a part from the law cannot produce a sense of guilt
  34. Pneuma: Spirit
    Primarily denotes the wind; moral qualities and activities
  35. Sarx: Flesh
    Weaker element in human nature
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