drug MOA

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  1. nitroglycerine
    vasodilation in coronaay and peripheral circulation
  2. verapamil
    prevents calcium ion from penetrating membranes
  3. propranolol
    beta 1 and 2 antagonist
  4. digoxin
    • inhibits Na pump
    • reduces energy consumption
    • increases force of contraction
  5. atenolol
    beta 1 and 2 antagonist
  6. lisinopril
    angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor
  7. simvastatin
    HMG Co-A reductase inhibitor (prevents formation of precursors of cholesterol= lower cholesterol)
  8. Warfarin
    vitamin K antagonist
  9. heparin
    inhibits action of certain clotting factors
  10. clopidogrel
    reduces platelet aggregation
  11. furosemide
    inhibits reabsorption of Na, Cl, and K in the loop of Henle
  12. Triamterene
    secretes Na from proximal tubule in exchange for K
  13. hydrochloro-thiazide
    reduces reabsorption of Na, Cl, and K from the distal convoluted tubule
  14. potassium
    exchanges with Na and other electrolytes to maintain membrane electrical potential
  15. codeine
    opiate receptor agonist especially in medulla
  16. dextromethorphan
    opiate agonist exclusively in medulla
  17. phenylephrine
    alpha agonist
  18. cetrizine
    Ha (histamine) receptor antagonist
  19. montelukast
    leukotrine antagonist (leukotrienes are compounds produced by the body as mediators of inflammation)
  20. albuterol
    selectribe beta 2 agonist
  21. epinephrine
    alpha and beta agonist
  22. ipratropium
    • muscarinic antagonist (like atropine but more selective to bronchus)
    • not in CNS
  23. corticosteroids
    inhibit steps in inflammatory response
  24. levodopa
    replace dopamine, the neurotransmitter that is absent in Parkinson's disease
  25. sertraline
    selective serotonin reuptake inhibition (SSRI)
  26. venalfaxine
    non-selectrive neurotransmitter reuptake inhibitor
  27. phenytoin
    inhibits Na channels
  28. gabapentin
    increased release of GABA
  29. hydrocodone
    opiate receptor agonist (especially in the thalamus, brainstem, gut and eye)
  30. acetominophen
    inhibit formation of mediators of pain (prostaglandins)
  31. alprazolam
    GABA receptor agonist (gamaaminobutyric acid is inhibitory neurotransmitter)
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