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  1. according to the NFPA standard 24, what is the minimum distance between the center of a fire hydrant hose outlet and the finished grade of the ground around the hydrant
  2. if a portable tank is self expanding, Ff may need to hold on to the ________ while the tank is being filled
  3. the quantity of water flowing through an opening during a hydrant test is called ______ pressure
  4. when water is not moving, what kind of energy does it have?
  5. the requred size of water main is based upon the amount of water needed for normal consumption and _______
    fore protection needs
  6. what is the term for the large discharge opening on a fire hydrant
  7. what is another term for head pressure
    static pressure
  8. when color coding fire hydrants, what color would the bonnet be on a flowing less than 500 GPM
  9. when color coding fire hydrants, what color would the bonnet be on a flowing 1000-1499 GPM
  10. the amount of pressure remainig in a water distribution system when water is flowing is called ________ pressure
  11. what is the name of the smallest pipes in a water distribution system (i.e., the pipes that deliver the water to the homes and hydrants on individual streets)
  12. what is a quick way to determine whether a dry-barrel hydrant is still draining, prior to replacing the discharge outlet cap?
    place a hand against the opening and feel for suction
  13. sometimes the bonnet of a hydrant is color-coded. what do these colors indicate
    the available flow from the the hydrant
  14. what is the top end of the capacity range, in gallons, of typical portable water tanks
  15. what is the term for an arrangement of water mains that delivers water to hydrants from more than one direction at the same time
  16. what type of fire hydrants are designed to be used when the temperatures can be expected to fall below freezing
  17. what is the term for the amount of pressure in a water distribution system during a period of normal consumption
    normal operating pressure
  18. what size fire hose are the outlets on fire hydrants sized to fit
    2 1/2"
  19. the pressure in a system when no water is flowing is called_________ pressure
  20. what is the recommended minimum pressure, in psi, for water coming from a fire hydrant
  21. Up to how many gallons per minute can a portable pump deliever?
  22. When would a dry barrel hydrant be required?
    When the climate is subject to freezing
  23. In a well-designed water distributation system, what type of pattern do the water mains follow?
  24. From which of the following sources can fire fighters obtain water?
    Municipal water system
  25. What is considered the realistic minimum useable residual pressure, in psi, when conducting firefighting operations from a water distributation system?
  26. Realistically, how many gallons per minute can a taker shuttle deliever?
    Several Hundred
  27. The flow or quanity of water moving is measured in ________.
    gallons per minute
  28. When color-coding fire hydrants, what color would the bonnet be on a hydrant flowing 500-999 gpm?
  29. What feature in hydrant caps should be checked during routine inspections?
  30. How close must a fire engine be able to get to a static water source in order to be able to ddraft directly from it?
    20 feet.
  31. What are the pipes that deliever water from the treatment facility to the fire hydrants called?
    Water mains
  32. How much water, in gallons, do fire department tankers usually carry?
    1000 to 3500
  33. To what type of water source does a dry hydrant provide access?
    Static water source
  34. Hydrants should be checked periodically. What is the minimum acceptable interval between such checks?
  35. What is installed on a tanker that allows it to offload 3000 gallons of water in 1 minute?
    dump value
  36. When color coding fire hydrants, what color would the bonnet be on a hydrant flowing 1500 gpm and higher?
    Light blue
  37. What foam application method should be used on open top storage tank fires?
    Bankshot (bank-down)
  38. What type of hose ranges in size from 2 and a half to 3 inches in diameter?
  39. What does a hose adaptor connect?
    Two hose sections of equal diameter but differing threads
  40. What can be used to protect a hose line being hoisted over a roof or windowsill?
    Horse roller
  41. What type of valves are opened or closed by rotating a handle a quarter turn?
  42. What is the indicator notch on hose couplings that lines up with the threads are lined up toengaged properly?
    The higbee notch
  43. What is the last steop in rolling a straight hose roll?
    tapping out protrusions with the foot
  44. How does a doughnut hose roll differ from a straight hose roll?
    both couplings are on the outside.
  45. what is one common use for a hose clamp?
    to allow a hydrant to be charged before the driver/operator is ready to receive the water
  46. What is a typical number of feet of supply hose for a fire engine to carry?
  47. what NFPA standard governs inspection, care, and use of fire hose, couplings, and nozzles and service testing of fire hose?
  48. During hose testing, what is the maximum length of the connected hose?
    500 ft
  49. when referring to hose, what does the L stnad for in LDH?
  50. What is it called when supply hose beds on apparatus contain two different sections, usually loaded with dissimilar hose?
    A split hose bed
  51. If a defect is identified on a hose during an inspection, what is one of the steps to be taken?
    mark the defect and recheck it during the next operation
  52. What word describes teh volume of water that is beign moved through a pipe or hose?
  53. What term is used to describe the amount of energy in a body or stream of water?
  54. when hose testing, for what length of time is the hose required to maintain the set pressure?
    5 min
  55. What is the two-fire fighter stiff-arm method used for?
    uncoupling hose
  56. in jacketed fire hose, what function does the outer jacket serve?
    it adds strength to withstand water pressure
  57. What is the hose called that is usually carried on a hose reel, is made of rubber, and flows only 40 to 50 gallons per min?
    booster hose
  58. how should a hose line be advanced up a ladder?
  59. what should be used to clearn hoses?
    mild detergent
  60. what hose load has the hose up on its edge and laid side to side in teh hose bed?
  61. what function does the inner jacket of a jacketed fire hose serve?
    it is the waterproof layer
  62. what is it called when an engine secures hose to a hydranton the way in and lays supply line until it reaches its attack position?
    a forward (straight) lay
  63. which type of nozzle is used to fight fires in inaccessible places such as attics and basements?
    cellar nozzle
  64. what locks the hose on the self-locking twin-doughnut hose roll?
    loops of the hose itself
  65. wha tdescritption best fits a hose jacket?
    stiff canvas patch
  66. what type of hose line has a predetermined length of hose, with a nozzle already attached, and is connected to a discharge outlet on an engine
  67. what is the short fold in a supply load called that is made so that a coupling does not have to tuen around when the hose is being laid out
  68. which type of foam is synthetic based and has an excellent vapor suppression capabilities
    Aqueous film forming foam
  69. during annual testing, at what pressure must an attack hose be tested
  70. a soft suction hose connects a fire hydrant engine to a:
    steamer outlet on a hydrant
  71. the three mose common hose loads for preconnected attack lines are the flat load, triple layer load, and __________ load
  72. whathose appliance combines two lose lines into one
  73. friction loss is affected by three factors. what is one of those
    hose diamater
  74. in a __________lay, the hose is laid out from the fire to the hydrant, rather than from the hydrant to the fire
  75. approximately how much does a 50' section of charged 2 1/2" hose weigh
    200 lbs
  76. when referring to a hosebed, what is the end called that is closer to the cab, or front of the fire engine
  77. what is the term for a device that mixes the foam concentrate inthe fire stream in the proper percentage
    foam proportioner
  78. what is the difference between a gated wye and a water theif
    addition of a 2 1/2" outlet
  79. what is one thing the FF securing the hose to the hydrant on forward (straight) lay must remember to avoid
    standing between the hose and the hydrant
  80. what type of hose ranges in size from 1 to 2 inches in diameter?
  81. what type of adaptor is used to connect two femail coupllings to each other
    double male
  82. class B foam is used for what type of fires
    flammable liquids
  83. what device splits one hose stream into two hose streams
  84. wher performing a flat hose load for a a forward lay, which end of the hose is first to be loaded
  85. what is the function of a hard sucttion hose
    drafting water from a static source
  86. what are the wrenched that are used to tighten and loosen hose couplings called
    spanner wrenches
  87. what type of hose couplings are the same and do not have male or female ends
  88. what foam application method should be used on pooled liquid fires on the grounf
    sweep (roll-on)
  89. which group of nozzles flow the most gallons per minute
    master stream hoses
  90. which of the following is required to be annotated on a hose record
    date hose was tested
  91. what is a benefit of Class A foam
    reduce surface tension of water
  92. what term is used to describe the properties of energy, pressure, and water flow as related to fire suppression
  93. what is the second stage of advancing an attack line
    advancing the line into position where fire attack occurs
  94. what type of hose ranges in isze from 3 1/2" to larger
  95. what is the hose diameter used by most FD for heavy interior attack
    2 1/2"
  96. what hose load has the hose up on its edge and placed around the perimeter if the hose bed in a U shape
    a horseshoe load
  97. which type of foam is formulated so polar solvents do not dissolve the foam
    protein foam
  98. what is used to connect individual sections of hose together to extend their length
  99. whatr type of nozzle is moxt commonly used to apply aqueous film-forming foam and Class A foam?
    aerator nozzle
  100. what type of hose roll is used to store hose on a storage rack
  101. generally speaking, how many galloms oer minute does a 2 1/2" fire hose line flow
  102. what is the funtion of a standpipe system
    water supply for attack lines connected insede the building
  103. what advantage does a fog-stream nozzle have over a smooth-bore nozzle
    absorbs greater amount of heat
  104. what feature of hose coulings is used to aid in the coupling and uncoupling of hose
    seperates fuel from the fire
  105. how does foam extinguish flammable liquid fires
    seperates fuel from fire
  106. which fog stream nozzle has a flow of between 90 and 225 GPM
  107. what advantage does a smooth-bore nozzle have over a fog stream nozzle
    longer reach
  108. what should FF do to avoid water hammer
    open and close hydrants and nozzles slowly
  109. which type of foam contains a surfactant additive that allows the foam to prodice a fast spreading film
    fluoroprotein foam
  110. when should the FF attaching hose to the hydrant charge the supply line
    not until the driver/operators signal is received
  111. what does a gated wye enable that a non-gated  wye does not?
    regulating the flow to either side of the wye independtaly of the other side
  112. what type of appliance is used to attach a sammler hose to a larger one
    an adaptor
  113. which couplings goes on the inside of a straight hose roll
  114. during annual trsting, at what pressure must a supple hose be tested
  115. what tool is sometimes used to tighten hard suction hose connections
    rubber mallet
  116. what type of foam is made from animal byproducts
    protein foam
  117. on what floor should attack lines be connected when connecting to a standpipe system
    floor below fire floor
  118. at what nozzle pressure is a smooth-bore nozzle designed to operate
    50 psi
  119. on a reducer, which end is usually male
    the small
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