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  1. what is the constructionfatture in which there are interrupted channels in the walls from foundation to attiic, allowing rapid unchecked vertical fire spread
    balloon frame
  2. what is the term for a sudden explosive ignition of fire gases that occurs when oxygen is introduced into a superheated space
  3. when ventilatiion a structure, where should a ladder be placed when breaking a window
    windward side of the window
  4. in ordinary constructions, of what are the exterior walls maade
    noncumbustible or limited combustible materials
  5. what is the term for the open space between the ceiling of the top floow and underside of the roof of a building
  6. what are the fans that are used in a negative pressure ventilation called
    smoke ejectors
  7. if the fire is in a structural void space, posiive pressure ventialtion should not be used until attack crews are in place and ____________ is available
    access to the spaces
  8. where is water directed during hydraulic ventilation
    outa window or door
  9. what is it called if air is immediatelty drawn back into the building because of an an incompletely sealed smoke ejector
  10. what is the phenomemon called when smoke hangs low to the ground on a cool damp day with very little wind
    smoke inversion
  11. modern wood frame construction uses a technique that builds one floor at a time and inserts a plate between each floor that acts as a fire stop. what is the technique called
  12. what type of ventilation openings can be used to stop fire spread in long narrow buildings such as strip malls
  13. what is one disadvantage of positive pressure fans
    then can spread the fore fire is used improperly
  14. what are gusset plates
    truss-component connecting plates made of wood or lightweight metal
  15. where should a ventilation opening be placed for potential backdraft conditions
    as high as possible in the building
  16. what potential ventilation hazard do thermopane windows make more likely
  17. what is the term for the main area of the fire
    seat of the fire
  18. what is the greatest danger to FF performing vertical ventilation
    roof collaspe
  19. what type(s) of operations(s) is/are needed to alleviate flashover conditions
    collong and ventilation
  20. what is is called when heated products of combustion flow outward and downward
  21. what is it called when fans or other powered equipment are used to exhause heat and smoke or to introduce clean air
    mechanical ventilation
  22. what type of ventilation takes advantage of doors and windows on the same level as the fire
  23. what is one term for the spread of fire from one floor ro another via the exterior windows
  24. what benefit9s) can ventilation provide to fire attack crews
    clear smoke, remove heat, pull away steam
  25. what sort of air movement is likely on a hot day in an air conditioned tall building and is due soley to atmospheric conditions
  26. when a roof is sounded, what is a positive result, indicated that the roof is probably safe
    firm rebound and reassuring sound
  27. how can churing be eliminated during smoke ejection
    completely blocking the opening around the fan
  28. withing any room ar space, wher are the hottest gases found
    at the highest level
  29. where does the water come from in hydraulic ventilation
    a standard fire hose line
  30. what is the pefferred method to cut a ventilation hole in a metal roof
  31. when setting a smoke ejector up in a wondow, in what part of the window should it be placed, or does it amtter
    in the upper part of the opening
  32. what should FF use to break glass windows
    hand tool such as a Halligan tool
  33. what undersirable effect can occur if windward windows are opened first in horizontal ventilation situation
    fire may be forced into unvolved areas of the stucture
  34. in a horizontal ventilation situation, which windows should be opened forst
  35. what is one problem with using doorways as ventilation openings
    this compromises entry and exit for human use
  36. do HVAC sytems help or hinder in ventilation operations
    it depends on the system
  37. what is postive pressure ventilation
    blowing fresh air in
  38. what type of ventilation involves openings in roofs or floors so that heat, smoke, and toxic gases escape the structure in a vertical direction
  39. when ventilating the basement, where is the preferred location to ventilate
    farthest point away from entrance used by fire attack crew
  40. how do thermopane windows behabe in fore, compared to windows with standard glazing
    they resist breaking in fire much longer
  41. what is the term for the transfer of heat through a circulating medium of liquid or gas
  42. if a roof must be cust to provide ventilation opening, what is the receommded minimum size of the opening
    4' X 4'
  43. what are smoke, heat, and toxic gases called collectively
    products of combustion
  44. what type of structure is used in roof supports and is composed of relatiively small and lightweight compnents in a series of triangles
  45. what i caused by temperature diffeence inside and outside a building
    stack efffect
  46. when making louver cuts, what is used as a fulcrum to make the louver openings
    roof supports
  47. what is the preffered method to ventilate a large building
    small compartments at a time
  48. the factors to consider when determining when and where to ventilate include the size of the fire, the stage of combustion, the location of the fire in a building, and the
    available ventilation options
  49. what must a FF be aware of when using a power saw to cut a ventilation opening in a roof
    structural supports
  50. what is the term for the weather-resistant surface of a roof
    roof covering
  51. which of the 3 major tactical priorities  in structural forefighting operation can benefit from ventilation
    life safety, fire containment, and property conservation
  52. what is negative pressure ventilation
    pulling smoke out
  53. what ype of fuel produces large quantities of black, rolling smoke that rises in a vertical column
    petroleum products
  54. what is the term for the process of removing smoke, heat, and toxic gases from a building and replacing them with cooler, cleaner, more oxygen-enriched air?
  55. what is the term for an open space withing a wall where wires and pipes can run
  56. how do heated gases move in  room?
    they rise to the ceiling and spread outward
  57. what is the rule of thumb relating smoke movement to fore temperature
    the hotter the fire, the faster the smoke moves
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