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  1. From piaget's point of view _____are highly influential in learing.
  2. herzberg two factor
    extension of maslow

    upper level - motivators

    lower - hygiene
  3. ERG theory
    existence, relatedness, growth (NOT hierarchical)

    modicfication of Maslow NOT expansion

    notion: frustration:regression & satisfaction=stronger need
  4. Acquired needs theory
    mclelland w/ TAT

    • nAch
    • NAff
    • nPow
  5. Vroow
    VIE theory = percieved expectancy of success & rewards
  6. licensure_____

    Licensing boards_____
    minimum competence

    protect the public
  7. overjustification hypothesis
    intrinsic v. extrinsic

    kid likes HW, pay her, HW decreases
  8. gain loss theory
    folks we like most hated us at first
  9. lesion to which lobe messes with sleep____

    temporal lobe

    that is where the hypothamalus  (thermostat) is
  10. actor-observor bias
    mixed people....self-serving is only the attrib. error is only towards others.....

    when faced with negative outcome....people attribut their  own actions to ______ factors and bx of others to _____ factors

    situational v. dispositional
  11. self-perception theory 
    attitude based....infer attitudes from watching own bx
  12. most common cause of retardation
    embryonic problems (including downs...???it s a chromosomal this sucks...)
  13. freud  theory of psychic determinism is evidenced by
    freams...slips of tongue....these are elements from the unconsciousness. 
  14. neuroleptics are the same as _______;

    their most common side effect is_________

    which is_______


    restlessness & dysphoria 
  15. attribution theory to depression is___, ____, & ____
    internal, stable, & global

    "I am always going to be a stupid looser after failing the eppp"
  16. correlation for IQ in sisters is
  17. in basket technique is used with___ involves____
    manager applicants

    in basket after vacation
  18. concerning EAP referrals, boses can be told about____
    attendance but not session content
  19. most significant concern in prescribing anti depressants to biploar persons is_____
    risk of starting a manic episode
  20. ANCOVA is  typically mosta ppropriate when_______

    the the extraneous variable is unanticipated.....

    because if it is anticipated then use a randomized block ANOVBA
  21. Utilization Review
    focuses on costs and conserving resources
  22. Quality Assurance is concerned with.....
    availability, adequacy and appropriateness of services....i.e. 'access'
  23. IN dynamic thinking:

    Manic bx is______

    while anxiety is _______
    a defense against depression

    eruption of id impulses on ego, leading to anxiety and bolstering of DMs
  24. In divorce:

    ____ of children have no major problems
    ____ kids have poorer adjustemnt

    ___ kids have mor sig. later life problems
    most, aapporx 66%


  25. infant iq tests correlate with _____
    good prediction for low scorers. 
  26. key montessori concept is____
    cog development is enhanced via exposure to sensory-motor stimuli
  27. which branch of the ANS  is addressed by biofeedback______

    It is an example of _____ conditioning

    operant -  due to learned regulation via auditory/visual reinforcement
  28. define adverse impact
    % of minorities must be 80% (4/5ths) of % of non-minorities
  29. in court ordered treatment the clinet is entitled to ____
    a confidential relationship....even though referred by the court
  30. common in-class assessment of hyperactive kids...

    do not get confused with event recording which...
    interveral recording- (not discrete and no clear beginning/end)

    is for discrete i.e. # of times bx occurs
  31. animism is associated with the _____ piaget stage
  32. best support for long-term relationships...
    similarity hypothessis

    versus complementary (oposites); reciprocity (like others who like htem); matching (approx physical attractiveness)
  33. habituation versus satiation
    so accostomed to US it no longer elicits UR

    so much of a reinforcer (candy), it  loses some of its value. 
  34. tolman___



    latent learning

    all bx stems from classic conditioning

    law of effect....bx is random and responds to bx+pleasure=stronger; bx+neg event=less likely

    built on thorndike via his stuff
  35. M'Naughten =
    insantiy defense
  36. Meichenbaum invented_____with three steps_____

    and also_____
    self-instructional therapy

    repitiion, graded practice, cognitive restructuring

    stress inoculation training
  37. cog dissonance theory says_____an example being_____
    fucking stupid

    if person holda belief that is inconsistent with octions or views, discomfort will occur....then resolve by changing the belief.....

    doing something inconsistent with belief. i,.e. think project is stupid and then work on it at homoe on own time with xtra effort
  38. rooting


    turn a cheek to the tit

    digit extension and arched back when startled

    toes spread when sole is touched
  39. publicity versus press
    can be paid for i.e. 'paid advertisement'

    press - never ethical to pay a meida person to write article
  40. satisfied workers prefer ____ leaders; but

    productivity is associated with_____

    authoritarian & democratic
  41. regression, or multiple regression equations sare calculated on ______
    line of best fit!
  42. teacher gender does/does not afect interactions with students?

    student gender does/does not affect interactions from teachers.

    does NOT


    more attent to boys, often negative though
  43. SAD's main neurotransmitter?
  44. concerning job and women _____ in their patterns of job satisfaction
    do NOT differ but the following three do:

    age, race, type of work
  45. discriminant analysis 


    multiple regression
    used when several IVs are used to predict group membershipv(e.g. EPPP pass or fail categories)

    used when several IVs are used to predict one DV (e.g. EPPP test score)
  46. adolescent suicide rates are ______

    black v. white??
    increasing in recent years

    caucasians, at all ages, higher suicide rates than AAs
  47. akathesia
    restlessness due to uncomfortable feelings/mood...most common extrapyramidal side effedt of neuroleptics/.antipsychotics
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