Mod E Cumulative Vocab

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  1. Abutment
    anchor for a bridge
  2. Die
    accurate replica of the prepared portion of the tooth
  3. Fixed Bridge
    permanent cemented bridge
  4. Full Crown
    covers the entire anatomic portion
  5. Gingival Retraction
    displacing gingival tissue away from the tooth
  6. Inlay
    cast restoration for a class II cavity
  7. Onlay
    designed for occlusal crown and proximal surfaces of posterior teeth
  8. Pontic
    replaces a natural missing tooth
  9. PFM
    porcelain fused to metal
  10. Prosthesis
    fabricated replacement for a missing tooth
  11. Shade Guide
    used to match the color of a patients teeth
  12. Three-Quarter Crown
    covers the entire anatomic crown of a tooth except for the facial or buccal portion
  13. Unit
    each component of a fixed bridge
  14. Veneer
    thin layer of porcelain bonded to a prepared facial or buccal portion
  15. Dissipate
    gradually disappear
  16. Exothermic
    release of heat
  17. Provisional
    Temporary coverage
  18. Spatulate
    to mix with a spatula
  19. pH
    acidity scale
  20. Alginate
    hydrocolloid material used for taking impressions
  21. Catalyst
    speeds up the drying time
  22. Imbibition
    causing an object to swell
  23. Occlusal Registration
    reproduction of a patients bite
  24. Anatomical Portion
    part showing the teeth and tissue
  25. Gyspum
    model plaster, dental stone, high-strength stone
  26. Homogenous
    good mixture
  27. Lathe
    polish temporaries
  28. Slurry
    mixture of gypsum and water
  29. Model Trimmer
    used to trim models
  30. Vacuum Former
    used to construct bleaching trays
  31. Thermoplastic Resin
    plastic used for bleaching trays
  32. Removable Prosthodontic Appliances
  33. Fixed Prosthodontic Appliances
  34. Art Portion
  35. Double Pour Method
    pour teeth first, make base second
  36. Utility Wax
    extends tray
  37. Alveoplasty
    smoothing of the bone
  38. Centric Relation
    produces a centrally related occlusion
  39. Edentulous
    Without teeth
  40. Full Denture
    replaces all teeth in one arch
  41. Immediate Denture
    temporary denture placed after extraction of teeth
  42. Mastication
  43. Pressure Points
    sprecific areas in the mouth where removable prosthesis may rub or apply more pressure
  44. Relining
    resurface the tissue side of the denture
  45. Resorption
    body's process of eliminating bone
  46. Endosteal
    Implant embedded into the bone
  47. Osseointegration
    bone grows into the implant
  48. Titanium
    non-corrosive metal
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