Anatomy Sec 7 Shoulder

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  1. what structure consists of the scapula, clavicle, and sternum
    Shoulder girdle
  2. What is the first bone to begin ossification and the last to finish?
  3. What is the function of the clavicle?
    nsmit shock from upper limb to axial skeleton
  4. How many muscles are attached to the clavicle?
  5. Although classified as a long bone how does the clavicle differ from other long bones?
    • ossifies within cartilage
    • has medial and lateral extremities
    • has no marrow cavity
  6. What muscles attach to the lateral 1/3 of the clavicle
    • deltoid
    • trapezius
    • coracoclavicular ligament
  7. What muscle is attached to the anterior border of the lateral one third of the shaft of the clavicle?
  8. what muscle has its orgin on the anterior surface of the medial 2/3 of the clavicle?
    pectoralis major
  9. What is the weakest part of the clavicle?
    apex of curvature
  10. How many joints does the clavical have and with what other bones?
    • Sternum
    • acromion
  11. How many joints does the scapula have?
    • 3
    • acromioclavicular
    • coracoclavicular
    • glenohumeral
  12. How many processes does the scapula have?
    • 3
    • spineous process
    • acromion process
    • corocoid process
  13. How many fossae does the scapula have?
    • 3
    • supraspineous fossa
    • infraspineous fossa
    • subscapular fossa
  14. What is the glenoidal labrum for?
    deepen the glenoid cavity
  15. How many muscle attachments does the scapula have?
  16. Why is the surgical neck more clinically relevant?
    • it is where breaks happen more often
    • axillary nerve lies medialĀ 
  17. How many muscle attachments does the scapula have?
  18. What structure is running in the intertubercular groove?
    • long head of biceps brachii tendon
    • synovial sheath of biceps
    • anterior circumflex humeral artery
  19. what nerver runs medial to the surgical neck of the humerus?
  20. What are the bursae that associate with scapula?
    • subscapular
    • subacromial
  21. which lies more lateral? Greater or lesser tuberocity?
  22. Which nerve runs close to the shaft of the humerus?
    Radial Nerve
  23. Which nerve runs close to the medial epicondyle of the humerus?
    ulnar nerve
  24. What three bones compose the shoulder joint?
    • clavicle
    • scapula
    • humerus
  25. what joint is located between the acromion and the clavicle?
    Acromioclavicular (AC) joint
  26. What is the glenohumeral joint?
    Ball and socket shoulder joint
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