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  1. Plants are autotrophic-where do they get their food source from?
    The sun
  2. What determines cell fate in plants?
  3. SAM
    Shoot Apical Meristem
  4. AB
    Auxillary bud
  5. Cotyledons
    Seed leaves--protective material comes out of soil first
  6. Epicotyl
    Stem above cotyledons
  7. Hypocotyl
    Stem portion between cotyledon and root
  8. Leaf Axil
    Junction between main stem and leaf
  9. Regions of cell division?
  10. Apical Meristem is:
    the growing tip of shoot and root
  11. 4 parts of SAM:
    • Tunica-outer layer-L1 and L2
    • Corpus-inner layer-L3
    • Central zone-slow cell division-renews meristem
    • Peripheral zone-rapid cell division-cells form organs
  12. Chimeric Meristem
    Cell destination
  13. 3 layers
    • L1-Epidermis
    • L2-Bulk of leaf and flower-albino layer, does not make chlorophyll'
    • L3-Inner layer of leaf
  14. Phyllotaxy
    position of leaf on stem
  15. 2 types of phyllotaxy
    • Spiral phyllotaxy
    • Whorl phyllotaxy
  16. Spiral phyllotaxy degree
    137 degrees
  17. Whorl phyllotaxy degree
    180 degrees
  18. Changes to phyllotaxy
    Plants can change from whorl to spiral from chemical changes or external manipulation (cut the meristems)
  19. Hormone that inhibits lateral outgrowth of plants
  20. Where is auxin secreted and what does it allow?
    Secreted from the apical meristem and allows for cell elongation and growth response to light/gravity.  Plants grow to a point because there is more auxin at the bottom of the plant.
  21. Axillary Meristems
    Found in leaf axils and produce axillary buds
  22. SAM displays:
    apical dominance--suppress axillary meristems get Christmas tree appearance
  23. If SAM is removed
    get bushy appearance
  24. Other kinds of meristems
    Adventitious-forms from surface cells on stems and leaves; bushy appearance even w/o SAM

    Cylinder type-Cambrium layer (which allows for lateral growth) causes increase in width of plants/bark production
  25. Root Meristem
    grows into soil
  26. 5 parts of root meristem
    • Root cap-for protection
    • Zone of cell division-meristematic region just below the root cap
    • Zone of cell elongation-where cells elogate
    • Zone of cell differentiation-where cells differentiate into Xylem and Phloem as well as where lateral roots and root hairs form
    • Quiescent center of root meristem-contains slowly dividing cells
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