chem ch 4-6

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  1. amplitude
    hight of wave from origin to crest
  2. alpha particle
    particle with 2+ charge with 2 protons and 2 neutrons
  3. alpha radiation
    radiation deflected towards neg. charged plate
  4. atomic mass
    average mass of isotopes of element
  5. atomic mass unit (amu)
    1/12 mass of carbon-12
  6. atomic #
    # protons
  7. beta particle
    1- charge high speed electron
  8. beta readiation
    defelected toward pos. charged plate
  9. cathode ray
    ray that originates from cathode and travels to anode of cathode ray tube
  10. Dalton's atomic theory
    • -all elements composed of atoms
    • -atoms of same element are identical ¬†(WRONG; isotopes)
    • -atoms of diff. elements combine to form chem compounds
    • -atoms are combined, separated, or rearranged-never changed (during chem reactions)
  11. gamma ray
    high energy radiation with no electrical charge and no mass
  12. isotope
    atoms of same element with same # protons but diff # of neutrons
  13. nuclear equation
    shows atomic # and mass # of particles involved
  14. radiation
    rays and particles emitted by radioactive materials
  15. radioactive decay
    process where unstable nuclei lose energy by emitting radiation
  16. radioactivity 
    substances emit radiation
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