Language Arts Vocab

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  1. Saunter
    To walk in a slow matter.
  2. Terminal
    Situated at, forming to the end
  3. Precipe
    A cliff, a verticle face
  4. Deft
    Skillful, clever
  5. Agilely
    Quick and well coordinated in movement.
  6. Propietor
    The person who owns property and has exclusive title or legal right.
  7. Unencumbered
    Not impeded, Slowed down, Retarded
  8. Contemptuous
    Showing or expressing contempt
  9. Summit
    the highest part of a hill
  10. Obstruct
    To block of or close up by an obstacle
  11. Traversing
    To pass or move over, along
  12. Heft
    To heave up, hoist, to test weight
  13. Crest
    A summit
  14. Gratitude
    The quality feeling of being grateful or thankful.
  15. Engulfed
    To swallow up in or as in a gulf
  16. Crony
    a close friend
  17. Portent
    An indication or omen of something
  18. Gorge
    A narrow cleft with steep rocky walls
  19. Imbecile
    A mentally difficent Person
  20. Reconoitre
    To survey a region
  21. Shirks
    Avoid or Neglect
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