Banner in the Sky

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  1. What does unencumbered mean?
    • having no obligations
    • burdenless
  2. What does obstuctive mean?
    • to block or close up by an obstacle
    • to block
  3. What does Hefted mean?
  4. What does Traversing mean?
    to pass across
  5. what does recconoitre mean?
    to explore
  6. what does precipice mean?
    an overhanging or extremely steep mass of rock
  7. What does portent mean?
    • to omen or indicate something will happen
    • omen
  8. What does terminal mean?
    a limit, a boundry, an end
  9. What does crony mean?
    a companion
  10. What does agilely mean?
    • nimble
    • lightness and ease of movement
  11. What does deft mean?
    quick and neat in movement
  12.  What does Gorge mean?
    • deep narrow passage with steep rocky sides.
    • chasm
  13. What does gratitude mean?
    feeling of appreciation or thankfullness
  14. What does imbecile mean?
    stupid, silly, dunce
  15. What does shirk mean?
    to avoid
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