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    • Demodex Canis
    • -Reside in hair follicles
    • -Cause hair loss and skin infection
    • -Localized and Generalized
    • -Local=slight hair loss on face and forelimbs, self-limiting and often doesn't require treatment
    • -General=hair loss and thickening of skin around affected areas, bacterial skin lesions, only occurs if host has deficiency of immune system
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    • Trichuris (Whipworm)
    • -Nematode
    • -type of roundworm
    • -Symptoms may include diarrhea, anemia, and dehydration
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    • Toxocara (Roundworm)
    • -Nematode
    • -found in almost any tissue
    • -In adult dogs, the infection is usually asymptomatic
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    • Ancylostoma (Hookworm)
    • -Nematode
    • -Type of roundworm
    • -They fasten their mouth parts onto the mucosa of the small intestines and suck blood and tissue fluids from the host
    • -This can result in severe blood loss and malnutrition
    • -Signs of illness include bloody, wine-dark, or tar-black diarrhea
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    • Sarcoptes Scabiei (Scabies)
    • -Small round mite
    • -causes mange
    • -burrow into skin to lay eggs
    • -causes extreme itching
    • -very contagious
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    • Taenia (Tapeworm)
    • -Cestode
    • -segmented flatworm
    • -body segments can be seen around anus
    • -rarely cause serious disease
    • -clinical signs, if present, depend on
    • degree of infection, age, condition, and breed of host.
    • -Clinical signs vary from irritability, capricious appetite, and shaggy coat to colic and mild diarrhea
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    • Dirofilaria (Heartworm)
    • -Nematode
    • -parasite of pulmonary artery and right ventricle
    • -larvae transmitted through mosquitoes
    • -found in dogs and cats (though not common in cats)
    • -can cause lung damage, blockage in heart, kidney damage, and death
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