Unit 4 - Tongue

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  1. Dorsum
    surface of the tongue
  2. Major regions of the tongue
    • tip
    • blade
    • front
    • back
  3. Median sulcus
    • divides the dorsum in half
    • running from front to back and ends at foramen cecum
  4. Sulci terminalis (2)
    • Running diagnoally from foramen cecum
    • Antero-lateral direction
    • Separate tongue into anterior 2/3 and posterior 1/3
  5. Papillae
    • Taste buds
    • Located in the posterior third
  6. Lingual frenum
    anchors the tongue to the floor of the mouth
  7. Superior longitudinal muscle
    • Unpaired, near the surface
    • Runs back to front
    • Shorten the tongue and slightly raise the tongue tip
  8. Inferior longitudinal
    • unpaired, under surface of the tongue from back to front
    • can shorten the tongue and slightly lower the tongue tip
  9. Transverse
    • From medial sulcus to lateral edges if the tongue
    • Narrows and elongates the tongue
  10. Vertical
    • Originate on surface and course downward toward under surface
    • Contraction results in flattening of the tongue
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