B1.7.1 Why Organisms are Different

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  1. Define genetic variation?
    It means that all animals and plants have characteristics that are in some ways similar to their parents as an organism's characteristics are detemermined by the genes inherited by their parents - the combining of genes from 2 parents cause gentic variation which means no 2 species are genetically identical (apart from identical twins)
  2. What is a gamete?
    A sex cell (e.g. sperm or egg)
  3. Name 2 characteristics that are only determined by genes in animals
    Eye colour, blood group
  4. Name 2 inherited disorders 
    Haemophilia, cystic fibrosis
  5. Name 1 characteristic of plant that can only be inherited by genes
    Violet flower colour (so colour)
  6. What is environmental variation?
    The environment that organisms live and grow cause differences between members of the same species - this is called environmental variation
  7. Give 1 example of an environmental variation in plants
    Having yellow leaves
  8. Give 2 examples of an environmental variation in animals
    Losing your toes, your accent
  9. Most characteristics are due to a mixture of...
    Genes and the environment
  10. Give 1 example of an animal being affected by genes and the environment
    The maximum height of an animal is determined on it's genes but whether it grows to that height depends on its environment (if it gets enough food)
  11. What is inside your nucleus?
    Genetic matieral in the form of chromosomes
  12. How many chromosomes does a human cell's nucleus contain?
    23 pairs of chromosomes (46 in total)
  13. What do chromosomes carry?
  14. What do genes control?
    They control the development of different characteristics e.g. hair colour
  15. A gene is a......length of the chromosomes
  16. The DNA is coiled up to form the arms of a...
  17. What are different versions of the same gene called?
  18. In size order from biggest to smallest sort: DNA, nucleus, gene, chromosome
    Nucleus, chromosome, DNA, gene
  19. What does DNA stand for?
    Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  20. DNA carries coding for a particular...
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