Unit 4 - General info

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  1. Sinuses
    • cavities that reduce the weight of a bone
    • increases surface area
    • affect voice quality
  2. Four main pairs of sinuses in head
    • frontal sinuses 
    • maxilarry sinuses
    • ethmoid sinuses
    • mastoid air cells
  3. Frontal sinuses
    are located in the frontal bone between the eyes
  4. Maxillary sinuses
    are the largest set of sinuses
  5. Ethmoid sinuses
    empty space within the bones 
  6. Four main cavities in vocal tract:
    • Buccal cavity
    • Oral cavity
    • Pharyngeal cavity
    • Nasal cavity 
  7. Buccal cavity
    space between cheeks and gums
  8. Oral cavity
    from teeth to the back of soft palate
  9. Pharyngeal cavity
    makes up the throat
  10. Nasal cavity
    the nostrils and portion of the pharynx behind nose
  11. Cupid's bow or the vermillion border
    often referred to the shape of the upper lip
  12. Philtrum
    medial, vertical gully between upper lip and nose
  13. Labial frenums
    the internal medial surface of the upper lip and lower lips are band of tissue that attach each to the gums
  14. Waldeyer's ring
    three sets of tonsils
  15. Three sets of tonsils:
    • Palatal tonsils
    • Pharyngeal tonsils
    • Lingual tonsils
  16. Palatal tonsils
    • located between the anterior and posterior faucial pillars
    • the tonsils that most people refer to when they say "tonsils"
  17. Pharyngeal tonsils
    • known as adenoids
    • located in nasopharynx
    • when enlarged, they may obstruct the opening of Eustachian tube, causing a mild-moderate conductive hearing loss
  18. Lingual tonsils
    on the root of tongue
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