Physcial Science Terms II

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  1. Mixtures
    Two or more types of matter combined physically

    ex. salad, soda, granite, lucky charms, soil
  2. Homogeneous Mixture
    A mixture where substances are evenly spread out (dissolved). (unable to see different substances)

    ex. salt water, brass, soda
  3. Heterogeneous mixture
    A mixture where substances do not evenly spread out (do not dissolve) (can see substances)

    ex. salad, mixed vegetables, soil
  4. Solutions
    A homogeneous mixture.  Solid, liquid, gas (any combo of)

    ex. soda, salt water, sugar water
  5. Compounds
    A chemical substance made of two or more different elements

    ex. water, carbon dioxide, sugar
  6. Elements
    A substance that cannot be broken down by chemical or physical means.

    ex. oxygen, nitrogen, gold, sodium
  7. Physical change
    A change in which no new substance is made.  A change in mass, volume, shape or density.

    ex.  cut wood, melted chocolate, dissolved salt
  8. Chemical change
    A change in which a new substance is created.

    ex.  H20 + CO2 + sunlight ---->HCO + O2, burned toast
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