The Americans Ch 25 Vocab

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  1. George Marshall
    pushed for the creation of the women's auxillary army corp
  2. Women's Auxillary Army Corp (WAAC) unit created during World War II to enable women to serve in noncombat positions.
  3. A. Phillip Randolph
    President and Founder of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters; organized a march on Washington to protest inequality of blacks in the workforce
  4. Manhattan Project
    the U.S. program to develop an atomic bomb for use in World War II.
  5. Office of Price Administration (OPA)
    an agency established by Congress to control inflation during World War II.
  6. War Production Board (WPB)
    an agency established duringWorld War II to coordinate the production of military supplies by U.S. industries.
  7. rationing
    a restriction of people’s right to buy unlimited amounts of particular foods and other goods, often implemented during wartime to ensure adequate supplies for themilitary
  8. Dwight D. Eisenhower
    An American General; Operation Torch, an invasion of axis-controlled North Africa
  9. D-Day
    a name given to June 6, 1944—the day on which the Allies launched an invasion of the European mainland during World War II.
  10. Omar Bradley
    led an air and land bombardment against the enemy at St. Lo; allowed Patton to get through German lines
  11. George Patton
    General that led his army through German lines winning a battle against the Germans
  12. Battle of the Bulge
    a month-long battle of World War II, inwhich the Allies succeeded in turning back the last major German offensive of the war
  13. V-E Day
    a name given to May 8, 1945, “Victory in Europe Day”on which General Eisenhower’s acceptance of the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany marked the end of World War II inEurope.
  14. Harry S. Truman
    Vice President to Roosevelt; assumed the presidency (33rd) after Roosevelt's stroke in April of 1945
  15. Douglas MacArthur
    commander of American Phillipino forces at Baton against Japanese; was ordered to leave by president, took his family and staff, and told his soldiers he would return, leaving them to be slaughtered
  16. Chester Nimitz
    commander of Pacific Forces; avenged Pearl Harbor on the Japanese
  17. Battle of Midway
    a World War II battle that took place in earlyJune 1942. The Allies decimated the Japanese fleet at Midway, an island lying northwest of Hawaii. The Allies then took the offensive in the Pacific and began to move closer to Japan.
  18. kamikaze
    involving or engaging in the deliberate crashing of a bomb-filled airplane into a military target
  19. J. Robert Oppenheimer
    directed research of the Atomic Bomb; 
  20. Hiroshima
    August 6, 1945; the first of two cities to be bombed using the Atomic Bomb; was an important Japanese military center
  21. Nagasaki
    August 9, 1944; A-Bomb codename Fat Man dropped on Nagasaki; Japanese surrender
  22. Nuremberg Trials
    the court proceedings held in Nuremberg, Germany, after World War II, in which Nazi leaders were tried for war crimes
  23. G.I. Bill of Rights
    a name given to the Servicemen’sReadjustment Act, a 1944 law that provided financial andeducational benefits for World War II veterans
  24. James Farmer
    led a group against segregation in the North
  25. Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
    an interracial group founded in 1942 by James Farmer to work against segregation in Northern cities
  26. internment
    confinement or a restriction in movement, especially under wartime conditions
  27. Japanese American Citizens League
    an organizationthat pushed the U.S. government to compensate JapaneseAmericans for property they had lost when they were internedduring World War II
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