anp lab urinary system

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  1. what two things does the urinary system do?
    • rids the body of waste
    • controls the volume and composition of body fluids
  2. list the components and functions of the urinary system
    • kidneys - paired kidney shaped organs; produce urine
    • ureters - connect kidney to bladder
    • urinary bladder - recieves and stores urine
    • urethra - conveys urine from bladder to outside body
  3. what 2 things do the kidneys continuously do to the blood
    • cleanse 
    • filter
  4. funnel shaped expanded tube that lies within the renal sinus and is continueous with the ureter
    renal pelvis
  5. the cavity of the kidney that contains the renal pelvis and segmental arteries and veins 
    renal sinus
  6. the outer layer of the kidney it contains many nephrons
    renal cortex
  7. cone shaped tissue of the medullary region appears striped because it is formed almost entirely of parallel bundles of miscroscopic urine tubules and capillaries
    renal pyramid
  8. extensions of the renal cortex that penetrate between and seperate the renal pyramids of the medullary region
    renal column
  9. middle layer of the kidney contains renal pyramids 
    renal medulla 
  10. structural and functional unit of the kidney. It consists of the glamerulus and the renal tubule and assiociated blood vessles
  11. what 3 things make up a nephron
    • glamerulus
    • renal tubules
    • assiociated blood vessles
  12. portion of the distal tubule that extends from the juxtaglomeralar apperatus to the cotical collecting duct
    distal convoluted tubule
  13. expanded up shaped proximal end of the nephron tubule it surrounds the glomerulus and collects the filtrate from the blood 
    glomerular (bowmans) capsule 
  14. u shaped hairpin bend of the renal tubule it consists of descending and ascending limbs
    loop of henle 
  15. portoin of the renal collecting duct formed by the pairing of the late distal convoluted tubules from many nephrons
    cortical collecting duct
  16. portion of the renal tubule that lies between the glamerular capsul and the loop of henle. the cells of this tubule activily reabsorb 65% of the filtrate
    proximal convuluted tubule
  17. the filtration unit of the nephron. it is comprised of the glomerulus and the glomerulus capsule
    renal corpusul 
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