Bashirah history words

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  1. Atlatl
    Tool to help early people throw spears
  2. Extinct
    No longer living
  3. Glacier
    Large slow moving ice
  4. Hunter gatherer
    Person hunted animals and gathered wild foods
  5. Paleo
  6. Prehistoric
    Having  to do w time before history was written down
  7. Ally
    Group that helps another country or group protects itself
  8. Barter
    Trade one thing for another without using money
  9. Council
    A group of people that discusses issues 
  10. Govern
    To rule over
  11. Wampum
    Beads made from shell that native Americans once used as money 
  12. Agriculture
    The business of growing crops and raising animals to sell for food
  13. Ceremony
    A formal celebration
  14. Girdle
    To cut away bark inorder to kill a tree 
  15. Tradition
    WayCEOs celebrating culture that has been passed down from one generation to the next 
  16. Palisade 
    A high fence used for protection
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