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  1. alloy
    to commingle; to debase by mixing with something inferior; unalloyed means pure
  2. appropriate
    tot ake for one's own use; to confiscate
  3. arrest, arresting
    to suspend; to engage; holding one's attention: as in arrested adolescence, an arresting portrait
  4. august
    majestic, venerable
  5. bent
    leaning, inclination, proclivity, tendency
  6. broach
    to bring up; to announce; to begin to talk about
  7. brook
    to tolerate; to endure; to countenance
  8. cardinal
    marjor, as in cardinal sin
  9. chauvinist
    a blindly devoted patriot
  10. color
    to change as if by dyeing, i.e., to distort, to gloss, or affect (usually the first)
  11. consequential
    pompous, self important (primary definitions are: logically following; important)
  12. damp
    to diminish the intensity or check the vibration of a sound
  13. die
    a tool used for shaping, as in a tool-and-die shop
  14. essay
    to test or try; to attempt; to experiment
  15. exact
    to demand; to call for; to require; to take
  16. fell (verb)
    to cause to fall by striking
  17. fell (adj)
    inhumanely cruel
  18. flag
    to sag or droop; to become spiritless; to decline
  19. flip
    sarcastic, impertinent, as in flippant: a flip remark
  20. ford
    to wade across the shallow part of a river or stream
  21. grouse
    to complain or grumble
  22. guy
    a rope, cord, or cable attached to something as a brace or guide; to steady or reinforce using a guy: think guide
  23. intimate
    to imply, suggest, or insinuate
  24. list
    to tilt or lean to one side
  25. lumber
    to move heavily and clumsily
  26. meet
    fitting, proper
  27. milk
    to exploit; to squeeze every last ounce of
  28. mince
    to pronounce or speak affectedly; to euphemize to speak too carefully. Also to take tiny steps, to tiptoe
  29. nice
    exacting, fastidious, extremely precise
  30. obtain
    to be established, acctped, or customary
  31. occult
    hidden, concealed, beyond comprehension
  32. pedestrian
    commonplace, trite, unremarkable, quotidian
  33. pied
    multicolored, usually in blotches
  34. pine
    to lose vigor (as through grief); to yearn
  35. plastic
    moldable, pliable, not rigid
  36. pluck
    courage, spunk, fortitude
  37. prize
    to pry, to press or force with a lever; something taken by force, spoils
  38. rail
    to complain about bitterly
  39. rent
    torn (past tense or rend); an opening or tear caused by such
  40. quail
    to lose courage; to turn frightened
  41. qualify
    to limit
  42. sap
    a fool or nitwit
  43. scurvy
    contemptible, despicable
  44. singular
    exceptional, unusual, odd
  45. stand
    a group of trees
  46. steep
    to saturate or completely soak, as in to let a tea bag steep
  47. strut
    the supporting structural cross-part of a wing
  48. table
    to remove (as a parliamentary motion) from consideration
  49. tender
    to proffer or offer
  50. waffle
    to equivocate; to change one's position
  51. wag
    wit, joker
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