phrases (Dining)

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  1. that depends...
  2. I don't mind
    no me molesta
  3. congratulations
  4. Enjoy the meal!
    Comer con gusto
  5. Take care!
  6. What do you recommend? (to us) or (to me)
    • Que nos recomienda?
    • Que me recomienda?
  7. Would you like something to eat?
    Quieres algo para comer?
  8. What would you like to drink
    Que quieres beber?
  9. What type of sandwhiches do you have?
    Que tipo de bocadillos tienes?
  10. What flavours do you have?
    Que sabores tienes?
  11. Do you have a table for six?
    Tienes una mesa para seis personas?
  12. I would like a table by the window
    Quisiera una mesa a lado de la ventana
  13. I have a reservation for Enrique
    Tengo una reserva para Enrique
  14. I'd like to see the menu please
    Quiero ver la carta, por favor
  15. To start, I'd like the prawns
    De primero, Quiero las gambas
  16. For the main course, I'd like the steak
    Como plato principal, quiero un biftec
  17. For dessert, I want chocolate ice cream
    De postre, quiero helado de chocolate
  18. To drink, I'd like white wine
    Para beber, Quiero vino blanco
  19. That's not what I ordered
    Esto no es lo que he pedido
  20. Is the tip included?
    La propina está incluida?
  21. I think there is a mistake in the bill
    Pienso que haya un error en la cuenta
  22. Waiter!
  23. I'd like to order... (formal)
    Quisiera pedir...
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