Treaty of Versailles

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  1. What was the Paris Peace Conference?
    • When the Allies who 'won' the war met in Paris to decide what to do with Germany.
    • This is when the Treaty of Versailles was created
  2. Who were the BIG 3?
    • Britain's leader - David Lloyd-George
    • French leader - Georges Clemenceau
    • USA leader - Woodrow Wilson
  3. What were the Punishments in the Treaty of Versailles? (there are 5)
    • War Guilt
    • Reparations¬†
    • Loss of Colonies and Land
    • Military Cuts
    • Not allowed to join the League of Nations
  4. How much were the reparations Germany had to pay?
    £6600 million
  5. How was Germany's armed force limited?
    • Limited to 100,000 men
    • Conscription was banned - soldiers had to be volunteers
    • Germany was not allowed armoured vehicles, submarines or aircraft
    • The navy could only build 6 battleships
    • The Rhineland was a demilitarized zone because it was the border between Germany and France.
  6. Why was Germany not allowed to join the League of Nations?
    Germany was not seen as a peace loving country (because they had 'started the war')
  7. The Big 3 had to comprimise with each other on the Terms of the Treaty. What did this mean?
    That none of them were happy with the eventual terms of the Treaty of Versailles
  8. What were Clemenceau's attitude towrads Germany?
    • Feels threatened
    • Hatred
    • Seen great damage, destruction, deaths and invasion twice (1870 & 1914)
  9. What was Wilson's attitude towards Germany?
    • Wants a fair treaty.
    • Punishment not to be to harsh.
    • To avoid another war
  10. What was Lloyd-George's attitude towards Germany?
    • Stern punishment (but not TOO harsh)
    • Had to reflect public opinion
  11. What were Clemenceau's main aims for the Treaty of Versailles?
    • Weaken Germany as much as possible (avoid future invasions)
    • Revenge
    • Reparations
    • Please French people who want Germany to pay.
  12. What were Wilson's main aims for the Treaty?
    • League of Nations (world peace)
    • Strengthen Democracy (power to the people) - for peace
    • Self-determination (people rule themselves)
    • 14 Points
  13. What were Llyoyyd-Georges main aims for the Treaty?
    • Keep trade with Germany
    • Germany loose it's navies and colonies
    • Avoid another war
    • Please Britsh people - who want Germany to pay
  14. How did Lloyd-George feel about the Treaty?
    • Felt it was too harsh.
    • Happy with loss of colonies and navy.
  15. How did Wilson feel about the Treaty?
    • Felt the Treaty was too harsh overall .e.g. reparations
    • Happy with the League of ¬†Nations.
  16. How did Clemenceau feel about the Treaty?
    • Happy that France had Alsace-Lorraine back, military cuts and reparations BUT
    • Didn't feel the treaty went far enough
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