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  1. Displaced Workers
    Individuals who are unemployed because their jobs have disappeared.
  2. Duel-earner Households
    Both parents are employed
  3. Glass Ceiling
    Invisible barriers that prevent most women and ethnic minorities from advancing to the highest level of occupations.
  4. Industrial / Organizational (I/O) Psychology
    The study of human behavior in the work place.
  5. Labor Force
    Consists of all those who are employed as well as those who are currently unemployed but are looking for work.
  6. Leisure
    Unpaid activities people chose to engage in because the activities are personally meaningful.
  7. Occupational Interest Inventories
    Measures your interest as it relates to various jobs or careers.
  8. Sexual Harassment
    Occurs when employees are subjected to unwelcome sexually oriented behavior.
  9. Token
    • When a minority person or a woman is employed in an office, that person becomes a token- a symbol of all members of that group.
    • If a woman or minority makes a mistake its is blamed on all members of that group.
  10. Underemployment
    • Settling for a job that does not fully utilize one’s skills , abilities, or training.
    • About 18% of college Graduates take on jobs that do not require a college degree.
  11. Work
    an activity that produces something of values for others.
  12. Work-Family Conflict
    The feeling of being pulled in multiple directions by competing demands from the job and the family.
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