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  1. Abi in malam rem maximam
    Go thoroughly to the bad
  2. Certa amittimus dum incerta petimus
    We lose sure things while seeking unsure things
  3. Egomet sum mihi imperator
    I am myself my own commander
  4. Hic vigilans somniat
    He is dreaming while he is still awake
  5. In pertusm ingerimas dicta dolium
    We are pouring our words into an empty urn
  6. Incipere multo est quam impertrare facilius
    It is much easier to begin than to finish
  7. Ingenium mala saepe movent
    Bad things often move the spirit
  8. Male parta, male dilabuntur
    Badly brought forth, it will badly fall apart
  9. Miles gloriosus
    A vain glorious soldier
  10. Mores deterioures increbescunt
    Degenerate manner grow apace
  11. Mulieres duas pejores esse quam unam
    Two woman are worse than one
  12. Mus uni non ficlit antro
    A mouse does not rely on just one hole
  13. Nemini creso qui large baindus est
    I believe no one who is profuse with flattery
  14. Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus
    Love has an abundance of both honey and gall
  15. Dicta docta pro datis
    Clever words in place of gifts
  16. Nemo solus satis sapit
    Two heads are better than one
  17. Neque lac lacti magis est simile
    Nor is milk more like to milk
  18. Nomen atque omen
    A name and also an omen
  19. Nomen es omen
    The name of the portent
  20. Non bonus somnus est deprandio
    Sleep after luncheon is not good
  21. Non mala nulla meretrix est
    There is no whore who is not bad
  22. Nudo detrahere vestimenta me jubes
    You command me to strip a naked person
  23. Nulli est homini perpetuum bonum
    There is no man always good
  24. Numquam in vita fuit mihi melius
    Never in my life were things better with me
  25. Occissimus sum omnium qui vivunt
    Of all men living I am the most completely beaten down
  26. Ossa atque pellis totus est
    Bones and skin is whole
  27. Pabulum Acherontis
    Food of Acheron; Of the Grave; Spoken of one fit to die
  28. Perfidiousus est amor
    Love is perfidious
  29. Pluma haud interest
    It matters not a feather; There is not the difference of a feather
  30. Praeter speciem stultus est
    You are a bigger fool than you look
  31. Pulchra edepo pecunia dos est
    By heaven, money is a beautiful gift
  32. Quem de diligunt adulescens moritur
    He whom the gods favour dies young
  33. Qui monet quasi adjuvat
    He who advises, as it were helps
  34. Qui potest mulieres vitare, vitet
    He who can avoid woman let him avoid him
  35. Quod tuum est, teneas tuum
    What is thine own hold as thine own
  36. Res amicos invenit
    Money finds friends
  37. Salvus sum jam philosophatur
    I am safe, he is now philosophising
  38. Sapiente sat
    Sufficient for a wise man
  39. Secundas fortunas decent superbiae
    Proud bearing is appropriate to prosperous fortunes
  40. Sermone huic obsonas
    You interrupt him with your talking
  41. Sese omnes amant
    All men love themselves
  42. Sine pennis volare haud facile est
    To fly without wings is by no means easy
  43. Sua regina regi placet, Juno Jovi
    The ultimate control; Final statement
  44. Sumptus sensum ne superet
    Let your expenses not exceed your means
  45. Tunica propior pallio est
    My tunic is nearer to me than my mantle
  46. Ubi mel, ibi apes
    Where the is honey, there are bees
  47. Vae victus
    Woe to the vanquished
  48. Virtus paemium est optimum
    Virtue is the best reward
  49. Homunculi quanta sunt
    How many are the poor creatures!
  50. Valete, ut hospes vestri diffidant sibi
    May you fare so well that your foes lose heart
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