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  1. When laws differ, always follow the _____ law.
  2. When state law is stricter than federal law, follow the _____ law.
  3. Class of recall for a medication that causes aroids serious adverse events or death
    Class I Recall
  4. Class of recall for medication that catered caused temporary but reversible effects
    Class II Recall
  5. Class of recall for medication that is unlikely to cause adverse events in people
    Class III Recall
  6. Brand-name relabled and marketed under generic name
    Authorized generic
  7. Generic in place of brand-name
    Generic substitution
  8. Identical in active ingredients, strength, dosage form
    Pharmaceutical equivalence
  9. Generic equivalent to brand name
    Therapeutic equivalence
  10. Same active ingredients but differ in dosage form or strength
    Pharmacologic alternative
  11. In same drug class or can treat condition but in different drug class
    Therapeutic alternative
  12. No product selection preference
    DAW Code 0
  13. Prescriber must indicate on Rx for brand product
    DAW Code 1
  14. Appropriate if there are multiple brands for generic
    DAW Code 5
  15. Substitution allowed but brand-name dispensed as generic
    DAW Code 5
  16. Patient wants brand-name or specific product
    DAW Code 2
  17. Override
    DAW Code 6
  18. This code means other
    DAW Code 9
  19. Doctors write "generic OK" or "substitution permissible" on prescription
    DAW Code 0
  20. Substitution allowed by provider BUT generic is unavailable
    DAW Code 8
  21. When prescriber writes for brand or generic AND product available from multiple sources
    DAW Code 3
  22. Pharmacy does not have product in stock
    DAW Code 4
  23. No substitution b/c brand drug mandated by law
    DAW Code 7
  24. Some states have laws prohibiting dispensing generic IF brand-name written on Rx face
    DAW Code 7
  25. Lowest abuse potential
    Schedule V controlled substances
  26. Illegal substances (i.e. Marijuana, LSD, etc.)
    Schedule I controlled substances
  27. Often called "C2s"
    Schedule II controlled substances
  28. Labels contain a "C-III" to designate classification
    Schedule III controlled substances
  29. Examples include aprazolam (Xanax), clonazepam (Klonopin), etc.
    Schedule IV controlled substances
  30. Who can prescribe controlled substances?
    Any prescriber with DEA number and state permission
  31. Restricts sale of pseudoephedrine
    Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005
  32. Maximum OTC sales of pseudoephedrine
    3.6 grams per day; 9 grams per 30 days
  33. Maximum mail-order sales of pseudoephedrine
    7.5 grams per 30 days
  34. Federal requirements for dispensing OTC pseudoephedrine
    Kept behind pharmacy, ID's checked, logs, records
  35. Isotretinoin (Accutane, etc.) restricted drug program
    iPLEDGE program
  36. Clozapine Restricted drug program
    Clozaril National Registry (CNR)
  37. Lab test for isotretinoin program
    Pregnancy test
  38. Lab test for clozapine program
    White blood cell count
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