Adolescent Development

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  1. intimacy
    the psychosocial domain concerning the formation, maintenance, and termination of close relationships
  2. platonic relationships
    nonsexual relationships with individuals who might otherwise be romantic partners
  3. attachment
    the strong affectional bond that develops between an infant and a caregiver
  4. secure attachment
    a healthy attachment between infant and caregiver, characterized by trust
  5. anxious-avoidance attachment
    an insecure attachment between infant and caregiver, characterized by indifference on the part of the infant toward the caregiver
  6. anxious-resistant attachment
    an insecure attachment between infant and caregiver, characterized by distress at separation and anger at reunion
  7. internal working model
    the implicit model of interpersonal relationship that an individual employs throughout life, believed to be shaped by early attachment experiences
  8. rejection sensitivity
    heightened vulnerability to being rejected by others
  9. adult attachment interview
    a structured interview used to assiss an individual's past attachment history and "internal working model" of relationships
  10. co-rumination
    excessive talkking with another about problems
  11. social support
    the extent to which an individual receives emotional or instrumental assistance from his or her social network
  12. sexual-minority youth
    gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth

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Adolescent Development
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chapter 10 intimacy

Adolescence chapter 10: intimacy
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